Abaya a Fashion or a Tradition

Today in the world, Abaya is a fashion and sing of elegance it cover the beauty of women. Abaya is the well known costume of Middles East and South Asia. In Arabs ladies wear Abaya in her daily routine. At start it is just consider the sing of Muslim ladies but now all over the world ladies feel beautiful and elegant after wearing Abayas. Today Abayas is not just to use cover their body it also become a fashion or style. In bazaars or markets different fancy or designee Abayas are available for party or for marriage’s wear.

Every country or culture designs their Abayas according to their trends and norms.


Fashion artist or dress designer in the world must design different style or pattern in Abayas with different colors. In olden days Abayas are just in black color no matter what is the weather summer or winter black Abayas are used in past. No patterns are allow or used in black Abayas. But every next generation changes their previous trends and styles so, now colorful and full of shining Abayas are also available in markets.

The new styles of Abayas are being based on embroidery and motifs along with different ideas. Dress designer do embroidery work on neckline and on cuffs in different pattern. We all agree on that Abaya is nothing without scarf so matching scarf are also an important part of that fashion. Today little girls wear beautiful scarf with matching simple Abayas.

Uses of laces in Abayas are now in trend women attached different colorful laces or beads in Abayas for party wear. Every country or culture designs their Abayas according to their trends and norms. Shiny tinsel, glittery thread and flashy stones have given a new looked to that Abaya wearing ladies.  In Abayas gown or frock style cuts give you wavy and stylish look. Now Abayas are in many colors like purple, white, green, blue, brown, skin, golden and silver etc.

Bridals also ordered for fancy and shiny Abayas on their day of marriage. They decorate their Abaya’s with stylish shiny threads on silk or shiny clothes. High neck Abayas with glittery embroidery look very elegant for bridals. Girls look beautiful in bridal Abaya dress.

Today the times, whatever you wear is become a fashion. Non Muslims also wear Abaya style in their parties or gathering and look elegant. Now Abayas are become part of fashion crossing all the boundaries of religion every girls want to change their look and carry Abaya style.

Abaya is mostly used as an upper to protect their shalwar kameez from dirty water drops, sand or other unusual accidents. Mostly university or college going girls buys those Abayas which are little fancy and dress designer use fancy buttons or lace etc. old women mostly buy simple and old fashion Abayas they are not in favor of fancy or designee Abayas. Bridals wear velvet Abayas with golden embroidery. Is desert areas every women must wear Abayas because their weather condition, their air which is full of sand particles and specially their cultural heritage not allow them to wear anything else except Abayas.

In Pakistan, mostly those girls wear Abayas with Hijjab who study in religious institutes like madrisas/ masjid or who belongs to a Muslim family. Other Pakistani girls who wear it in stylish way they are not strictly wear hijjab they just carry scarf or little stole with that.