Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

Al Mamzar beach is one the world’s famous and beautiful beaches. This beach provides a luxurious holiday or vacations to the visitors. It is located on the 5km off the Hamriya Port. This Mamzar beach park covers the area of 106 hectares and offers a variety of barbecue sites, swimming pools, food bars, safe lagoon and beaches with shelter.  To add to the scenery and beauty of the beach park, there are tons of beautiful things around. This beach park is different from other beach parks with its unique and large locations and the recreational areas.  The Park was initiated in 1994 during the Arb city organization conference and at that time it was 99 hectares long.

The Five Beaches of the Al Mamzar Park:-

The Al Mamzar Park has is characteristics due to its beautiful beaches and being a beach park.  At there, five outstretched beaches are present, the luxurious and exotic beaches contain the lifeguards, watch towers and changing rooms and shades for beaches. The five beautiful beaches have opened their pathways for the individuals and the cars to walk-in or drive in through several entrances.

The Facilities and Services at the Park:-

The park consists of a large swimming pool which is divvied into the three pools for children and adult. The pools contain the seats, shades, shower, changing room and snack houses.  At the time of the night this place is full of different stuffs of barbeque which has its own beauty. For the arrangement of Barb que, the twenty-eight areas are furnished with the modern bar b que sets, the umbrellas, grills and the most important and beautiful thing that these bar b que areas are facing the beach number 5. So yes you can enjoy the beauty of beach while enjoying eating bar b Que. The Al- Mamzar beach park has a numerous picnic areas.  These areas are located throughout the park and beach in different areas.  These picnic areas include the Leisure games, the children games, roller skating areas, basketball, bicycle rental, chalets and beaches, roller skates, restaurants, snack houses, special ladies days and rooms.  The park consists of the three main entrances, among which two of them are for public. A main restaurant of the Al Mamzar beach park is present in the park with ten snack houses around the park. The guiding panels and signs are scattered all around the park to guide visitors. So in short it provides all the benefits and enjoyment of picnic at one place

Three main entrances are available in the park, one for cars, and two for the public. An external parking is set to fit 1200 cars and an internal one for 460 cars. A main restaurant is available in the park in addition to ten snack houses, scattered around the park. Visitors can reach the various recreational areas, with the help of guiding panels and signs distributed.

The Bungalows and Chalets of the Al- Mamzar beach park:-

This Al- Mamzar Beach Park is distinguished from the other beach parks because of its modern air conditioned bungalows which are utilized for daily living, living casually.  These are also used for barbecue areas and taking showers. The beach park consists of the total 15 bungalows which are provide for the rentals and located on beach number 5. The park also has an Am phi-theatre and the tower area. The amphi-theatre is used to host the musical ceremonies and is located next to the administration building and the entrance gate.

Sports and Games Area at the Al- Mamzar beach park:-

This park is equipped with the variety of the games and sports for the children throughout the park. These games include the modern sledges, climbing and hanging items, this beach park also provides an athletic area for adult for gym activities and exercises which is present near to greenery around the bungalows.

The Beauty of the Park:-

The park is not famous only due to its facilities but due to its beauty as well the park contains the different kind of trees flowers and wall plants, it has 1600 beautiful pal trees for shelter with the 6000 various kinds of trees and bushes.