A Journey To Ancient Architecture

In this article we will discuss ancient architecture near east Africa and Mediterranean. Ancient architecture has 6 sub divisions which are categorized below.

  1. Ancient Mesopotamia
  2. Ancient Egyptian architecture
  3. Greek Architecture
  4. Roman Architecture
  5. Byzantine Architecture
  6. Persian Architecture


Ancient architecture has left us many mysteries. Mysteries that simply have not been resolved yet. The starting of the weirdest structures known to mankind. Without the help of any modern day technology, humans succeeded to make these unbelievably impossible structures. We cannot neglect ancient structures that have been built with the help of thousands of labors not just to complete the purpose of praying, living or working but there are numerous other reasons behind their methodology. The Mystic patterns, heaviest of stone work, complicated and detailed elevations and much more for which we are not ready for. But we cannot deny that the ancient humans were very civilized and hard working. Most of the ancient humans believed in omnipotence.

Omnipotence is a word specifically used for power regarding Omniscience, Omnibenevolence and Omnipresence. Omnipotence is the ability of infinite power. The science to know everything, be everywhere and do every possible and impossible action. The thinking process begins when we realize that we modern day humans do not believe in these superstitious abilities then what is the reason behind all these huge spaces designed so mystically telling us that there was no greater power, no perfect democracy, and no brains that could reach their sense of skills. You will be shocked to know that the great pyramids of Giza were found empty from any human life, all the pharaoh’s were found in the Kings valley. This should mean that it has another purpose, a purpose related to the religious beliefs of the Egyptians, An awakening of some kind may be. Let’s come back from this imaginary crap, what? This sentence here keeps us all away from the realities of the past. HOW?

Have you ever happen to take a look what’s inside these buildings, temples or these places for easy saying? NO I don’t think so. The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, world’s heaviest structures and if we study we can find that it was nearly impossible for men to build structures so huge without the help of modern day technology. The shocking news is that the giant stones were carved and placed so perfectly on the both sides that it would take a mouth full of technology to do it even now. 2.3 million stones placed accurately weighing 3 ton each with the total weight of almost 6.5 million tons.

Let’s continue the journey and change the architecture of the past. Before going further I would likely tell you guys that there are six categories that fit the ancient architecture which I have mentioned above. First of which is Ancient Mesopotamia.

Ancient Architecture of Tigris-Euphrates Which is also known as Mesopotamia. It was the era in which permanent building concept came into the minds of the human. Which started in the 10th millennium BC and ended in the 6th century BC. Adobe Bricks, Mud bricks, Red bricks with water were used for the construction purposes. As I have mentioned above that people strongly believed in omnipotence in ancient times. Egyptians were the pioneer believers of omnipotence. This is the reason that the buildings were made with a divine supernatural and spiritual exposure. The temples and palaces were mostly designed by the priests or the king (Pharaoh) himself.

Thank you for reading my article. The categories of ancient architecture are deeply defined in the form of full articles. Do give us feedback.