Trends Of Animal’s Carapace

Nature is always helpful for fashion designer or dress artist. With the start of the worlds animals and birds are always fulfill their human needs and their food. Humans are greedy and selfish by nature he hunts animals for making our jewelry or animal skin is used in dress styling.



Animal skin is mostly used for dress it’s a need at that time but with the passage of time we have a lot of choice in clothes like cotton, silk, shafoon, marina, linen etc but now we hunt the animal and used their skin for fashion and style in our clothes, bags, jewelry, belt, shoes and gloves etc. animal skin is the best protector for human skin it know the behavior of the nature.

The atmosphere is most influencing part on fashion. Those who live on desert have different fashion and style comparison to those who live near ocean. Grounds or mountain surrounding atmosphere is far differ then other.

Birds are also looking beautiful in nature and we make bird’s feather earrings, bird’s foot nackles and bird’s beak finger ring etc. Those who live on desert they caught eagle, owl, vulture etc. and make beautiful eye catching jewelry some are gather dead birds in the world and recycle their bones, feather and head in form of jewelry. Bird’s feather is used in earrings are give a fashionable look .


Bird’s feather is used in earrings are give a fashionable look.

Fish scales are also a fashion style or symbol. People use that pattern or their scales in earring, bracelet, and nackles, dress etc. people whose profession is connected with water they are created that style and look different from other. Other also adopts it for looking different in their gathering. Fish Lahnga is a great inspiration from water animal.

Animal skin, hair, bones and every part is beautiful and fashion artist used it in making bags, caps, valets, heels and shoes and human look elegant and fashionable. Fashion is exist with mind satisfaction in olden days that things is need of a man so he used and killed animals not for the sake of fashion but now we have other choices but we get that for style and fashion. Now we want to look different and special so we do a lot of experiments.


Fashions do a lot of hard work before elegance look.

animal skin belt

It is a hard work to clean the skin then manufacture it and give it a shape of BELT.

Men also wear animal skin belt, tie, pant, shoe, valet, hat and different shirts. Animal printed shirts or animal’s skin made shirt also in fashion but they are little costly then casual. It is a hard work to clean the skin then manufacture it and give it a shape of valet. But fashion do a lot of hard work before elegance look.

Animal skin print or bones used in stud making. Guys have competition that looks most fashionable and eye-catching look so they wear studs in their shirts. Jewelry box also now available in purely animal skin. Glasses’ pouch is ready available in snake skin. Phone cover is look attractive in zebra skin. There is a decade when animal skin’s carpet, sofa or curtain is almost in every house.  Now a day’s animal print is on car looking different and attractive.