Annual Festivals in Dubai

Dubai has a number of great events in its past thus bringing us many events to celebrate and these events bring happiness and joy to thousands of people living in Dubai or the ones who used to live in Dubai but there are also sad events in this wealthy cultured state which bring sadness to people but they also helps the people to learn how to overcome these sad events. Most of the good events are shown below. Numerous events are offered in Dubai and most of them are held in high season between March and November and most of the time the season in between these two months is very pleasant.

Sporting Events in Dubai:

There are a lot of sporting events in which they play games and then the winner is rewarded with huge cash prizes and these events also attract some of the best sporting personalities in the world and not only people from Dubai participate in these events but people from around the world are drawn by these events. The first of these events to start up year is the chartered Dubai marathon held in January which gives a prize of 250,000 to the winner and both the male winner and the female get this prize.

In march come the worlds richest horse race which actually gives the total cash of 10 million to the winner and the name of this event is the Medan racecourse. Dubai duty free tennis championship is also a great sporting event and another one is the Dubai desert classic and both of these are held in February and at last comes the final sporting event which is held in the final month of the year December and this event is named the rugby sevens. These great sporting events are great for people looking to show their athletic capabilities and for those who are fit and want to earn but cant find a job.

Dubai Shopping Festivals

Dubai Shopping Festivals

Dubai Shopping festivals:

The only city in the entire world that actually hosts two entire festivals dedicated only to retail shopping and this is a great record for the city of Dubai and the ones who helped Dubai get this great achievement. The month-long Dubai Shopping Festival is the first of these two festivals and it begins in January. There is plenty of entertainment in it and it also features promotions and bargains galore. A very similar festival is the Dubai summer surprises which is a bit smaller than the month-long Dubai shopping festival and it starts in the month of June and it is only for 2 to 3 days but sometimes more unlike month-long Dubai shopping festival. Women are die heart fans of both of these shopping festivals.

Art festivals in Dubai:

The first of these is the Dubai international jazz festival which is held in february and it features old and famous artists. The art festivals is a great festival to find out talent of the youth and you can worlds greatest art works here too. Dubai is also a popular place for trade shows and conferences. The arabian travel market is one of the biggest and is held in Dubai. Some other big ones are the Dubai International Boat Show in March, GITEX Shopper in October, and the Dubai International Motor Show in November.