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At a certain age when time passes by and we start to think of living in our own house, Living under the sky, and maybe living under the whole universe. Have you ever thought Who built these things? The huge skyscrapers, beautifully blended commercial places and every brick and stone we see around us. Was there a designer? From where the concept of hiding ourselves came? Lets go back to the beginning of the time when man came on earth, the first instinct that he recognized was his survival. The first rule of any living specie. So how did he ever thought of making a roof? You will all get to know these answers of how humans managed to survive in a place where there were no houses, no buildings and no groceries to pick from the market. Architecture was the first man made achievement. The Art of designing a shed or a roof under which many can adjust to live with their endurance kit. Here we will explore the world of Architecture, the simplest concepts behind it and the methodology used in the process. In this category you will find articles on Modern, Post Modern, Ancient and Contemporary Architecture.