Article On Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture has made many distinctive achievements regarding past many years. It has embraced many new architectural styles like Persian, Abbasid etc., although Islamic architecture has been praised for its diverse inventions in the field of patters but the question stands still for those who look for it. Before explaining the elements and foundations of this style, let us consider that how Islamic architecture relates to all the other religious diversions.

Drawing Of Mosque


Being a Muslim I should say that the cause was purely used for the sake of people following the religion Islam. The great mosques, massive structures of forts, never ending arches and other decorative aspects. These elements were extensively used in the making of an Islamic building. The reason that these huge structures were made does not differentiates as compared to the purpose of any other religion which is worshiping the God. If we analyze other religious buildings we can see that the buildings were utilized for the same purposes like only worshiping or teachings of that specific religion. Big halls, High elevations, detailed facades and interior, vaults and many other ideas that involve spiritual feeling. Let’s discuss some religious buildings and compare them in general. Temples, churches and mosques are the 3 major religious places which are very famous around the world.


Many religions have temples as their praying locations but Hinduism is the only religion with so many different styled temples often known as (Mandirs). These temples are designed in perfect symmetry. The geometry that these temples happen to acquire is mostly in circles and rectangles. Mostly these temples have a veranda type space which is filled with lots of bells hanging on the ceiling, a calling to the God. The inner hall is mostly for praying or preaching purposes. Detailed dooms, columns, and decorative floors and interior spaces. Deeply spiritual places where the feelings turns towards the Hindu Gods.   


Unbelievably the early churches from the Leonardo’s time were made to scare people from the torment of God. The detailed and high edgy elevations, big vaults, lightning from the top of the church. Sculptures of Mary and Jesus. All these man made wonders combine to form a fearful spiritual situation for a Christian.


Here you will notice the similarities among these few religious structures. Islamic architecture totally relies in the surrounding of religion Islam. Mosques, Madrassas, forts and palaces truly made for the worship and living of Islamic people. These mosques were designed by Muslims and were also utilized as multipurpose spaces. The shocking fact about these designs are that their function is purposely made for different uses. Huge and wide dooms cover the base with beautifully ornamented tops and fantastically designed detailed interiors which give a spiritual effect.

Islam is one of the most ruled religions of the world. Islamic architecture gave birth to many other styles like Indo Islamic Architecture, Abbasid, Persian, ottoman, Turkish, Sino Islamic Architecture, Sahelian Architecture, Indonesian Malaysian Architecture and many other little interpretations in different styles.