How to Earn Money Online By Article Writing

Jobs!! Everyone chants for this term. Youngsters are demoralized by this term when they don’t get a proper job. The ones who graduated from different universities and when they go to implement their skills in practical it’s been a hard task to manage. Jobs in the world! There are many type of jobs and nowadays field is so vast that online jobs are also introduced from which you can work at home without throwing your degrees on employer’s desk. Jobs in Online term are in thousand but today I picked up a term that really matters. Today I will tell you about article jobs. Articles are? Well, the views of writer on some specific things. Like, I am an article writer. Though, I am not that good in this field but the ones writing articles since their childhood knows how to write it. Secondly, who learnt efficiently on writing. In my environment, like in my generation I have seen only 10-20 children who knows how to write articles. Or else everyone are dumb in this field. And that amount of 10-20, write articles just because of specific reasons, like if they are said for an assignment or for publishing their articles in different magazines. So it is a good job and good skill and seriously if you become depressed seriously go for articles because you can say much by these words. I write articles and I am now 18 years old. To be honest, I earned around 10-20 thousand with these articles. My boss, who give me these task, seriously he is really very good. He has good heart. And to be honest, he never said me to praise me on articles but seriously he is a good person. I work under Toqeer Sani. He is extremely accurate in paying. So meaning to say all this is that if you want to write articles, you need a good person who can guide you in good means. Like they never let you go. I am not talented in this field but when I entered in this field I can now proudly and confidently say that I can write articles. It improves my writing skills. My English wasn’t that well but now it is improved. So you need a good guider and supportive boss from which you can do your work greatly.

Article jobs are available almost everywhere. It is now added in online jobs. On OLX, FREELANCER, ELANCE, UPWORK etc, at almost every online site these jobs are available. I got this job from ELANCE, an online job site. So there are many places from which you can avail these jobs. You just need a good platform. And the payment on these articles are different. To be honest I praised my boss above, but he pays me a bit low which is not so good but usually you will see that on 1 word people gives you 1 rupee. So, this job gives a lot it only based on what platform you are doing this. So, it makes you busy as well. Like you never feel free. Because your mind always says that if I will write much, I will paid much. So these things matters, and still at freelancer site these jobs are available. So go for it and make your mind open.