Worker or Bachelor’s Life – Dubai

Toughest period of a man, is Bachelor Time. In this age, a mature gentleman wants to earn some heavy money and want to support his family with his father. They, then search for a good place. I think 30-40% people choose Dubai for there earning purpose. Dubai, a city of lights and sci-fi beauty. Every fresh young man wants to go there and earn for themselves, which is the only choice for them. From our motherland, I think 40% of people went there, and most of them are totally poor and needy people and they all are involved in labor. They work in the construction are where danger alerts are at high rate. The one’s who studied well, when go there, a tough life always be there wall. The climate of that place irritates everyone.

Workers in Dubai

Workers in Dubai

Bachelors go there and expects that earning will be high our household problems will be solve soon. Earning is good but the work is tough. The companies states that employee work time is from morning 9 to Evening’s 5. But, when they enters there, they work for 12-15 hours a day sometimes. The workers can’t say a single word because if they argue with their heads then they will not treat the worker well. This is the main problem. Then, every young man just give up and want to come back to there homeland. Dubai is a perfect city, but not for earning it is for fun and enjoy. You go there but just for a tour. Another problem is residence problem. All workers find a cheap place so that they can rest there remaining rest hours. But there are shortage of the houses and from which the rate and amount of residences expensive. Then, great Asians came out with great ideas. They start living together. Like, every room has a group of 12 people. Can you imagine ? Those 12 men uses one washroom and just lay down on the mats. This is what they do there.

There holiday fun is sleep only. Whole day they sleep tight and forgets there family for a while. Then the expenses are also high. Laundry, house rent, metro ticket, food many more.
Another great news I heard. The one’s who are needy and poor and don’t have any money to visit Dubai for there jobs. They just arrange some money and for 15-day ticket, visits Dubai. After 15 days, limit’s over. Then they hide themselves and in mafia words they underground themselves and after a long time they again comes and enjoy the air of Dubai. Then they start working there, and they always work as a labor there. These news are really very awkward but this is true. Sun attacks like he’s the bitterest enemy of the population of Dubai City. A great cricket stadium of Dubai, where every Pakistani wants to go. The people there don’t want to go just because of the tiredness of them. This is what they gets with earning. So, for me bachelor’s life is a tough life in Dubai.

Advantages are also there but. Exhibitions, Festivals, Offers, Quizs which make every surprises because the way, organizers distributes electronic things. That is really something good for them. Meaning to say, from the different exhibitions they get many free of cost thing from there. Like if they buy an appliance or any electronic thing, so with it you also get many things like Tablets, Mobiles etc. So, life of Dubai is not good but the facilities and accommodations are extremely well.