Bangles or Chooriyan Always Remain in Fashion

When we ready for any gathering we try to look fashionable and trendy for that we do every type of makeup or fashion but simplicity is an inner fashion or trend for someone in olden days when girls just wear bangles or choorian and look pretty for every eye. Ladies who are in old age they wear simple bangles or choorian some of them wear gold karra but young girls wear bright color choorian or bangles etc.In mehndi girls prefer yellow, green, pink or orange color bangles. They design their hair style with the help of choorian they decorate the dupattas with choorian or bangles. It is our traditional or cultural part we love to see choorian and its bright color. It is made of glass and plastic. It is a hard process but after heat it looks beautiful and eye catching. Pakistan, India or Bangladesh is those countries who mostly use choorian but western countries use bangles.On eid all the girls gather in one place and find matching choorian. They are confused after seen too much color and they spend full day for just choorian shopping mostly it is the day before eid which is called Chand raat when husbands allow their wives to buy what they want for eid. Choorian give charming feelings on ladies face.

Choorian give charming feelings on ladies face.


Kids are also too keen about their choorian selection at the time of shopping they first tell I buy matching choorian on any festival. Kids look pretty in it. On eid girls and baby girls look elegant and charming in choorian or bangles.  Choorian is considering a best gift on eid or shady events. Girls pack it in beautiful paper and decorate the bucket where those bangles are arranged and give it to their beloved friend. Boys also agree on that it is most eyes catching and cheapest price gift but it increase their feeling of love.

First eid after engagement boy’s family give bangles as a gift with matching dress and shoe.Choorian decorate your arms and give you long look. It boosts your confidence level and feels you proud. Chooriyan also give your arm a lengthy and slim look.

The sound of choorian is most favourite for poets and boys. Poet mostly resembles choorian with love but some time in sadness that choorian show another side of the life.

Jab Khanakti Ha!n Chooriyan Teri KaLa’ayi Ma!n

Aik Ajab Sa Saz-e-Muhabbat Fiza Mai PhaiL Jata Hai

Unmarried girls wear glass made choorian but married ladies wear gold choorian, bangles or karra. In Asian countries especially in Pakistan and India golden choorian is a sign of marriage. On barat bridal wear golden bangles and after that it wears those bangles forever. Gold Bangles are most demanding accessories for girls jewelry. Different beautiful design karras are also ordered for bridals.

Fashion change with time but choorian exist from past to present in any form. Choorian, bangles or karra gives you pretty and innocent look but on the other side glass chore is cheapest thing in jewelry but give great effect on your personality. Mostly foreigner buys choorian for traditional gift from Pakistan or India. Asian also gives choorian as a gift to their western friend as a traditional or cultural symbol. Colorful and glass choorian are most preferred and admired in west that export from Pakistan and India. Choorian is the cultural part of Punjab it give you customary look.