Basketball Game

Basketball is a game which can be considered as one of the marvelous invented games of America. This game attracts millions of followers across the world no matter which walk of life they belong to. The live matches of basketball attract the people a lot. Many heroes originated in the form of players and coaches such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird etc. out of this game. The major parts of this game are the place where it is played and the equipment which is used to play it well. This is a type of indoor game which is played in a rectangular court. The main equipment which are used in the game are a ball and two elevated baskets which are attached at both ends of the court. The ball is used in different sizes but is always spherical in shape. The principal color of the court is orange and in case of international tournaments, the ball for the basketball is provided by the home country. The ball is usually an inflated ball which depends on the height of the ball’s bounce. A rubber bladder is used to hold the air in the ball which is located inside the outer covering of the ball. The ball must be inflated with the specific pressure so that it can bounce back up to certain limit. The manufacturing company of the ball conducts the bounce test on the ball in order to check whether it can be used for legal purposes or not. The test stamp can be seen on the high quality ball. The inflation of the ball has a lot of importance among the players of basketball.

The game is played between two teams each having 5 players. The game allows both teams to have the total of 5 substitutes in the match.  Each player of both teams tries to throw the ball in the opponent’s basket attached to the backboard. The international basketball federation (FIBA) is an internationally recognized basketball governing organization.  This federation was formed in 2002 and since then it has been trying to extend the network of basketball throughout the world in order to achieve the continuous development and the growth of the game across the world.

Basketball is a professional game which is played in high school, colleges and universities, in courts, drive away and all across the world. Each basketball player of the same team wears the same shirt as other team members with the shots. There are also specially designed sneakers which are made to play this game. The sneakers are slight higher than other shoes and they have the capability to absorb the shock. Every player of the team is assigned a special and unique number which makes it easy to identify them.  Since the shirt number is the basis of identification, no two players can have the same number on their shirts. The shirt number is accompanied by the last name of the player.

The game contains a center, two guards and two forwards. The point guard is a person who handles the primary ball while shooting guard is one who is the top scorer in the match. The players can pass, throw or tap the ball but cannot carry it to the basket. The game begins with the jump ball and continuous for 4 quarters of 10 or 12 minutes. One player from each team stands in the center circle while the referee tosses the ball in the air between them. then the player jumps upward to tap the ball to other players of his team so that the ball remains in his team’s possession. If there is no player of his team close to him, he can dribble the ball in his own hands. Dribbling means to hitting the ball on the ground and then holding it again in hand. Once the ball comes in rest in his hands, he will have to pass the ball on to the other player. There are also some rules and regulations of this game. One of the most important rule of the game is that no player in the game should come in contact with the other player of the opponent team. If this will happen, the foul will be considered. If the foul goes in favor of one player, he is given a free throw. There is also anther type of foul which is known as technical foul. This kind of foul can be charged against the player and the coach.