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Beauty is the combination of all the characteristics of an individual or thing that delight the senses and satisfy the brain. It is one thing that lives in the eye of viewer and draw our attention towards others. Providing proper nourishment and care to the body and enhancing its appearance is known as beautifying yourself and who doesn't love that. In the "category of beauty" you will find different articles on beauty, makeup, natural remedies and a lot more, written by our authors, which may help you to take care of yourself in easy yet effective ways so that you can appear at your best when facing the world or even yourself. Beauty is not just about your face or skin, in fact, it is also about a person's inside, purity of heart, clarity of mind and soul, and also about how we utilize our creativity in maintaining ourselves and providing proper nourishment to our body so that it looks lively, fresh and ready to take the challenges offered by the world, which may include climate changes, harsh weather, fluctuating fashion, a sudden party or even a dinner with a special one. Explore new ways of beautifying yourself by reading the articles in this category which have especially been researched and written by our authors for you and look beautiful everyday.