A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

Beauty is the mental creation of an image, that is, the core of things perceived. The eternal beauty belongs rather to the inner image instead of its external form in which it is embodied. Beauty exists in varying hues and is sublime. It is a predominating presence and found everywhere around us. Beauty in Nature:  The world, in spite of several grieves in life is beautiful and pleasant. There is beauty in the foggy winter day and in the serenity of full moon night with sparkling stars. There is a spiritual beauty in the prayers and in the melodious chirping of birds when one gets up early in the morning. How beautiful is to walk on a forest ground covered with autumn leaves or to sit in solitude amidst gorgeous mountains and valleys and to ponder over nature’s beauty. Beauty explores the depths of the earth and oceans.

Blossoms in Spring Season


Beauty in Spring: Beauty reveals its innumerable forms in the spring. It waves in the lush green blades of grass, in blossoms of the trees, in red roses, in blue violets, in yellow daffodils and in the honeysuckles dancing in the cool breeze of spring.

Beauty in Rainbow: Rainbow is another beautiful yet marvelous scene of nature. The rainbow’s startling colors, the graceful brush stroke of its arc and its sudden appearance in the monsoon sky bring such feelings of excitement; joy and optimism that make us think that how could something as simple as a spear of light could be that much amazing. When we stare up at rainbow, it isn’t just the seven layers of light arched but is something wondrous- a colorful ribbon wrapped for a moment around the sky.

Gorgeous Emerald Ring

Gorgeous Emerald Ring

Beauty in Gemstones: Beauty gleams in the gemstones that come in a wide range of hues and species. Gemstones are icons of magnificence and insignia of the very best of everything. They can evoke feelings of joy, passion and warmth. Gemstones are not only stunning in their finished form, rather few of the gemstones including aquamarine and emerald are as lovely in their natural origin as any cut and polished gem prepared for a piece of jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, pearls, topaz and amber are few examples of the dazzling gemstones commonly used around the world.

National Monument, Islamabad

National Monument, Islamabad

Beauty in Human Creations: The extent of beauty finds its way to the human creations as well. National monument of Islamabad, Eiffel tower of Paris and Golden bridge of San Francisco are just a few of the examples.Life is beautiful in numerous forms. Beauty prevails all around us, but only if we try to imagine and appreciate it. It is in a poem, in photography, in an artistic painting and in the sculptural art.

The greatest beauty is the beauty of soul, the beauty of inner self. Awareness of beauty is really significant, which lies in each of the sensuous and warm feeling. The inner beauty can’t be seen but one can feel it. To be aware does not need the mind of sage, but simple emotions of affection, love and joy.

The most beautiful personalities in the world are those whose personalities have been carved and softened with the passage of time. They radiate knowledge and tranquility. In their life they have known tears and laughter, heartbreak and joy, ecstasy and pain, and seasoned by all their experiences. A truth about beauty is that beauty is not beauty unless it lasts forever….