Hairstyles: Braids and Buns

No look is complete without a decent hairstyle which manages your wild locks and gives you a finished and composed appearance. With the advancement in the field of fashion, every aspect of this colourful world witnesses up gradation  and evolution and every day we see styles and looks which leave us amazed. Hairstyles play a very important role in defining one’s look and complimenting the dress one carries. Every type of hair has various hairstyles to manage them from short hair, medium to very long hair, dead straight hair to untamed curly locks.

side braid


Braids and buns have been in fashion for a very long time and are considered suitable for every type of occasion from weddings, parties, bridal and baby showers, candlelit dinner to funerals, festivals, a night out with friends or even work or school. A variety of braids and bun styles is found in the fashion world and if some are very complex or difficult, there are some hairstyles which are very easy and simple to make. So if you don’t feel like ironing or curling your hair or its too cold to wash your locks and there is an event you can not miss, try out the sleek decent braid or a neat classy bun and you are ready to rock.


simple braid


There are many different kinds of braids from simple to complex ones and this, among very few, is the one hairstyle which is never out of fashion.

Simple braid: Start by collecting your hair from all over the head and join them at one point at the back of the head or even at one side. Than make a tight or loose braid and you are done.

French braid: This type of braid is very easy but also very stylish. The braid starts from the top of the head till the end of hair and gives the hair a neat and well managed look. This hairstyle is best for work, school or camping.

Fishtail braid: It appears to be a complex style but once learned becomes very easy to make and appears to be pretty decent and is very much in vogue.

All over the head: Small braids made all over the head using all your hair will give you a very different look adding boldness and confidence in you appearance.

Braid and ponytail: My favorite hairstyle other than the loose curly locks. Start by making a french braid and in the middle of the head, collect and tie your hair in to a ponytail and ready set go. A perfect hairstyle for a formal dinner or a study evening with friends.


french braid ponytail hairstyle


There are many other hairstyles through which you can give yourself a professional and neat look by using just one or  few braids. So try out the braids and quit worrying about wasting hours stylizing your hair through flat ironing or curling.


Another beloved hairstyle for those who don’t feel like going to a beauty saloon to stylize their looks for a festive evening or a formal gathering. Buns have never been out of fashion and almost everyone carries them in different times, some for the sake of fashion and some to beat the heat in summers. But how good would that be if you found a way to make your plain boring bun in to an elegant and well-created hairstyle without having to see a beauty expert. Try out some very easy and stylish ways tips to make fast and classy buns to rock your routines and events.


side braided bun


Braided bun: Make a simple braid of your hair and than roll your hair in to a neat bun using hairpins to hold them. This is very easy to make and looks very good on almost everyone.

braided bun

braided bun hairstyle

Side braid and bun: Make a thin braid at one side of the hair and collect all your hair, tying it in to a bun. Use a catcher or hairpins to hold them.