Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

The Masjid which originally build in 1850 and carry approximately 1900 worshiper place is Bur Dubai Grand Mosque. It is considered as the oldest Masjid of Dubai and the actual Islamic cultural life and color of Dubai. Originally it is an Islamic institute for girls and boys where there learn, recite and memories The Holy Quran.


Dubai Grand Mosque

It is also known as Kuttab. It contain 9 large and 45 small stained glass panels, sand-color walls and perfect wooden shutter dome. It’s minaret is 70 meter high which is the largest minaret in Dubai are resemble like Light-house. 5 times a day the call to prayer is aired.

bur dubai

The sand color wall of Bur Dubai Grand Masjid.

The blue Mosaic style work enhance the beauty of that old structured Masjid. the Non-Muslim visitors can take photograph from outside but not allowed to go inside of that Masjid. It is the dominant erection in the old city of Dubai. Al Fahidi is the nearest metro station of that Masjid.

Traditional look of that Masjid inspire the visitors and worshipers. And if you have really experience to see it from just outside then you can’t fail to be impress. It’s night image is more inspired-able and impress-able for visitors that’s why they wait and stay for night at there near hotels and places to see the magical and spectacular image of Masjid’s night beauty.


The most longest Minaret of Dubai Masjid.

Heritage and Diving Villages are next to that Masjid. It show Dubai’s old life style, culture and living. Near that Masjid old style coffee houses enhance the simplicity and peace in the environment of their surrounding. It is considered the most spacious Masjid in UAE. It is also known as Al-Jumeriah Mosque and Juma Grand Mosque .

It is situated on  Al Mussalla Road. Ruler’s court Dubai is also near of it. It is the historic city center. So if you visit Dubai then must go there and see the human hand’s unique architectural work which inspired you and you must take a photograph of it to show your friends and family. Make your Dubai’s visit memorable and pleasing, share your experiences and views with us. We all welcome you and respect your queries, views and feedback.