Burjuman Shopping Centre Dubai

Introduction of Burjuman Shopping Mall:

Opened in 1991 and considered among one of the greatest shopping malls of Dubai, Burjuman is best known for its luxurious environment and fashion stores. The mall is divided in to two portions, an older one and the new one which was constructed and completed in 2004.

  • Location: Burjuman is located in Bur Dubai at the center point where the two roads, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed and Khalid bin Waleed, meet. The entry to the mall is on Khalid bin Waleed road and the pedestrian entrances are present on both roads. There is Dubai Metro system right outside the mall which is the Khalid bin Waleed station which allows an easy access to different parts of the city and people can reach the mall pretty easily and quickly.
  • Old portion: Burjuman is divided in to two portions; the old one was made in 1991 and is situated at one side of the whole mall.
  • New portion: The new portion which was completed in 2004 is situated on the other side thus completing the whole mall and also increasing the number of stores, restaurants and other facilities to Burjuman.


Burjuman Shopping Mall

Burjuman Shopping Mall

Shopping stores in Burjuman Mall:

The shopping stores in Burjuman include brands and stores from all over the brand which are suitable for almost everyone. The first two floors of the mall come under Saks Fifth Avenue which is spread throughout these two floors hosting a wide range of shopping stores which includes clothing brands, cosmetics stores, jewelry brands, perfumes and other accessories.

The Saks Fifth Avenue is situated in the new portion. The older portion of the mall which is in the northern portion of Burjuman is a place where you will find Paris Gallery on the first floor. One will find every kind of shopping store in Burjuman and the best part is that all of them are trusted and well known stores, so if you are looking for a complete package and an exciting day ahead, include Burjuman in your visit-list and witness one of the most exciting and versatile malls of Dubai.

Accessories and brands of Bujuman Mall:

Burjuman has a number of world famous brands in it and therefore people are prefer to buy and stick to the brands would find this mall a treat as awesome as chocolate. The clothing and accessory brands in Burjuman include Prada, Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin, Nine west, The One, Promod, Zara, Paul Smith, Lacoste, DKNY, Diesel, Channel, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Watch Gallery, Next and many many more. These stores are world famous brands and offer you a chance to sneak peak at the most desired brands and accessories in the world right there in Burjuman.

Restaurants and café’s:

Burjuman mall has a wide range of cuisines and restaurants on its third floor. From Indian food to Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, Pakistani, continental, Arab food, seafood and many others, it lets you taste one of the world’s most delicious foods and cuisines and lets the tourists get fascinated by how delightful an eating experience in Burjuman can be.

Entertainment and other facilities:

There are so many entertainment facilities for kids and adults including cinemas, play land areas, aquariums, music department and many more. The mall has proper rest room facility as well and there are so many ATM machines on every floor.

Visit Burjuman mall and get amazed by this beautiful mall with so many entertainment facilities and shopping opportunities.