The Month Of Love; February

From the start of February; the cool and smiley breeze give us the welcome note from the spring season. Side by side it is the month of love celebration and happiness. People distribute and share their love and feeling with their love one. The world is running due to the power of love otherwise the difficulties of life destroy a man, it weakens the strength of a man, and it closes the window of mind and kills him. February is consider the month of intimacy, the month of celebration, the month of love and passion, the month of smile, the month of festivity.

valentinus image


love card

valentines day card makes you special some time.

From the start of that month, the festivity of Valentine’s Day is start without knowing their history and importance. It is also known as Feast of Saint Valentine, it is begun to celebrate from the Christian saint of Rome Valentinus. He was buried on the Via Flaminia.

In England, people express their love for each other by giving gifts, flower and greeting cards.

In Europe, people express their love and unlock the giver’s heart to giving them heart shape cards, flowers, chocolates, sweets and gifts. In 19th century the hand written techniques are famous in front of your love ones.

love sing

symbols for Valentines day.

In Pakistan, people aware from that terminology in 1990 with different TV programs. Despite that how many people favor that event or not celebration of Valentine’s grabs the viewer’s attention on TV. The shopkeeper get bundle of profit on that day and look happy.

Romance is the communicative and pleasing emotion from an exciting attraction towards another person connected with love. And month of February is connected with romance and happiness of spring.
On that occasion people use some symbols like Cupid which is the God of love. He is portrayed as a son of love Goddess Venus, Heart is used as a symbol of love, Red roses is also used to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Cupid is the God of love.

In that month hotels, resorts, beech, parks, party corners, tea cafes, coffee centers and all gathering places are booked for their friends, spouse and partner. And the celebration starts from the 13th February night and on the start of tick 12 o’clock and its 14th February start. Many people planed to become engaged or wed on that special day. History proof on that day $1 billion chocolate are sold and the red color usage is most prominent on that day. Every shop is full of red things on that day. Economy review itself on that type of Days.


month of chocolate, flower, gifts and love.

We think every month should be full of love, every moment should be full of care and help, every eye should be full of hope, every shoulder should be full of power and energy, every thought should be pure and sincere, every friend shout be a trustful person. We just think and celebrate one day then run away from the scene…..

If you want to share your experience of Valentine’s Day then write and share with us. If you celebrate every day as a Valentines’ day then write to us and tell us about what you think on that celebration.