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Currency, the main thing for our money, a title for our money. A country’s money has a specific title. Like every country has. Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka has Rupees, Japan has Yen, Saudi Arabia has Riyal, U.A.E has Dirhams, and so on. So these titles are known as currency. Every currency has its unique value. Pakistani currency is not valuable. And that’s true. The most valuable currency are Dollars. Almost everyone saves their money, buying dollar currency from bank. In online jobs, the employee pays their freelancers in dollars. Secondly, the people who are involved in sports they are also provided with currency of Dollars. Currency is really very important for a nation. You cannot call a nation’s money, like I like Pakistan Currency. Just by these names, you can take specific titles. Like, I love to have dollars. Or I like to have Pakistani Rupees. Well, this category is good. You can learn about every currency here. Currency of Kuwait, America etc, every currency’s detail is here. You will find it interesting because of the value and history of every currency. Like, you will see Dinar’s history, then Dollar’s history that how old it is and how it was promoted by their specific nation’s men. Currency of Pakistan is really very poor. Currency holds the stock exchange of every place. With these currency you can estimate your country’s economy. Holding a currency is really very hard. Pakistanis are weak at it, that’s why we are so behind and our 100 rupees has no value. America are best at it. The main problem is that our country introduced much amount of notes. That’s why market become poor. Well, I hope Pakistan’s currency will be soon a good currency because with it the expense of Pakistan will be solved.