Euro Currency Rate

Currency, that directly takes you to the money. A term that is used for money’s name, like if a country owns a note that is money, so they give names to it so that they can be known all over the world. Every country has different names of currency. Some of the country’s currency name is same. Like Pakistan India have the same names. Then In Europe, their currency is known as Euro. Japanese has Yen, Bangladesh has Takka, Gulf has Dinar, Dirhams. So these currency have a lot of value. Some of the people buys some other’s country currency and then they save it for the future. Like dollars. It is the world’s most expensive currency. Every country can do a lot with this county. In Pakistan, 1 dollar is equals to some hundred of rupees. And it is said that it is the only currency which will increase always. It will never decrease, So you can see that how important it is. Well if we talk about Euros. In most of the sports, the award of money is given in Euros. As per I know, Football gives award money in the currency of Euros. So it is a great thing. Not only this, but in Cricket they give award money in euros. PSL, Pakistan’s first cricketing event in which world’s every player can play. In that ceremony as well when someone chosen as a man of the match he is awarded in Euro currency. So it is a positive and good thing for the ones who are holding this currency. In my opinion, our Pakistanis should think that we have to promote our currency. In India, they always award in their own currency. Well, then if we talk about Euros. The euro is the official currency of the euro zone, which consists of 19 of the 28 members states of European.

In many European countries, this currency is really very respected. In Pakistan, people saves money in currency of Europe. European countries are great and their currencies are marvelous. Most of the people go for euros. If anyone say that I will give you payment in rupees and one will say I will pay you in Euros, he/she will choose Euros. Euros are really valuable and people of Pakistan saves this currency because every year this currency increase 2-3%. Euros are used all over the world, and mostly businessmen invest their money in euros or if they purchase something then they pay in Euros. Euros are really very famous and that’s why Europeans are famous. You can see that currency can also be so famous and if Pakistani Rupees become famous that everyone will pay and purchase in Rupees so it will be the biggest milestone for Pakistan, but unfortunately it is not that easy. Even Europeans work hard to make their Euro currency valuable. They set up everything and concentrated more on the business and other activities. This thing, Pakistan cannot do because it is extremely hard. In many sports, players are awarded in Euro currency, like in Cricket, sometimes in leagues companies awards a player in some Euros. So this was the short description about Euro currency that these things are involved in this currency and this was really very short you just search about it because this currency also faced many problems.