Currency Pound

England!! Well, where the system is totally perfect. They are free of terrorism and free of dirt. A place where people can live happily. Where Muslims are not in tough side. Well, England one of my favorite place, their currency is pound. Pound sterling is their currency and its value is really very high. Well, I first mentioned about England when it comes to pounds. Well, it is my favorite and yes their pounds are much better than others. Their smallest currency is called Penny. This currency is held by 9 territories of England name Jersey etc. Pound is one of the best currency and their quality of notes are superb. Pound is the 4th most trading currency. In short it is most trading currency in foreign stock exchange after dollars, euro and Yen. So great names of currency. Usually it is called Pounds by the people but its full name is Pound Sterling. In Pakistan, people buys this currency and saves them as it is said that this is the currency that will increase its value in upcoming years. In cricket, when the event is of England they award players with pounds of money. Like they promotes their currency and their quality is simply, the best. 19th century was the century when this currency was accepted all around the world and then it spread so widely that everyone got to know about it. Well, it is said that pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world that is still used in the world.

Well, this currency is really very important for the world. In Pakistan, its value is really very high. The one’s who earn in foreign countries and earn in Pound currency, it becomes valuable in Pakistan. Like my uncle’s son earn 1000 pounds I think so. He is a qualified and experience man in accountancy. So he earn 1000 pounds and he sends 500 pound to his family and those 500 pounds are obviously enough. And the countries where pounds are used, believe you me those country’s expense are really very low. A bachelor man month’s expense is around 300-400 pounds, only when he consume his money in many things. Well, so this currency is always in use in Pakistan as well. The head countries where this currency is in use are U.K United Kingdom, England etc. There are more places where this pound is used. I must guide you that do search about this currency as well from Google because it will show you every history of this currency. Like Pound’s old name, Pound’s value, its introduction everything. This currency’s holders are really hard working and that’s the reason that they are on top list, on top ranking. They also went through bad times in earlier times when used to say bad to this currency it hadn’t that much value, but now its ruling on the world, and usually this currency is used in distribution to Cricketers and Sportsmen. So this is the short info of this currency. You can see much exciting facts about it. This currency, pound is the only currency I like because it is the oldest currency. The way this currency made its value, that is superb and that is the reason England and other head countries of this currency are great.