Digital Divide and Its Problems

The term digital divide was found after the development of digital world. It means division of individuals on the basis of digital technology awareness. Digital divide is generated when one category of people have the know-how to use technology, buy a gadget because they have fiscal power. And the other category of people is the one who are poor and don’t have the proficiency of using modern techniques. Actually some tactics of modern technology are not understandable without anyone’s help. Although some kids today use tablets easily because they are the generation of 21st century. But to use it productively, you need some supervision, knowledge of web masters and help from technological experts.

This division has spawned a distinction among individuals. The ones who are rich catch the new digital media as soon as possible. To some extent digital devices have taken the place of status symbol. So our elite class wants to get the latest phones first and other gadgets and become the innovators. While the rest of the people are very far away from laptops, touch phones, android apps and LED. Some people have android and laptops but they don’t have the ability to use it effectively. They are using such products only for the purpose of time pass and entertainment. And they remain heedless about all the options that a laptop, cell phone has in it.

Digital divide creates gap between individuals.

Digital divide creates gap between individuals.

World of technology is going very fast and with each passing day new inventions are capturing the attention and time of people. But I think just because of economical issue digital divide has been developed. If people have money to but Note 1 or iphone they will definitely learn savvy of using it. Now special courses of application development, computer literacy and repairing gadgets are also given in institutes to youngsters. So that they can use new techniques for positive purposes.

Digital divide is not a obstacle for developed countries because they have equal opportunities for rich and poor. They consider modern technology a need for everyone. On the other hand less developed countries are facing this issue. Due to unequal distribution of income and facilities digital divide is created. And poor people get the digital device when it becomes older and useless. To bridge these gap equal rights and skills should be imparted so that our nation will compete with the modern world.

If the gap of digital divide will upsurge then there is another gap after economic status that will divide our nation in more modern and the other category is backward people. If a new thing or a new technology is invented then everyone has the right to use it for entertainment, work or whatever way they use. Being familiar with latest technologies is the need today because many new inventions bring new ways of earning. And this is a very healthy phenomenon for the nation of underdeveloped or developing countries.