Driving Jobs – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, is great place if you want to settle there, ofcourse a Gulf country and it is one of the most religious place. What we can say is that is the hub for every Islamic country. Well, our history of Islam is based on this country, every grave, every scene, every reality is happened in Saudi Arabia. It is a very nice place and our Asians usually go there for jobs. I mean having Mekkah and Madina, it is the biggest thing for a country to have these religious places. They are very well in security, I mean there airports are so filled in Ramadan Kareem, but still the way they manages every bit of thing is amazing. 90% Muslims are excited to go there. Even Non Muslims amazes when they saw this place full. It is so busy and so good to watch that 24/7 it is lightened up and the managing thing is that there climate is so hot but still the way they managed there floor with air condition is quite well. In 1990s, this place was so difficult to handle because of low maintenance. Well, this was just 10 percent info about the place, wh

at I want to tell people are the jobs in Saudi Arabia. Usually, searching jobs are easy as drinking water but acceptance of the company is hard as touching the moon. I mean if you are graduated or ungraduated, literate or illiterate it’s on your luck either you find fantastic jobs or you unable to find best jobs. In Pakistan, there are many example, like the some people got the jobs in Saudi Arabia. In 1990s, it was very easy to go there but you have no idea when you will be unemployed from a job as Gulf countries did once when they expelled every Pakistan and foreigner from the jobs just to employ their countrymen. So, these are really very interesting things you can observe. Like in sub continent there are almost every jobless who go for gulf countries. Well so here, if we talk about driving jobs then you can do really very much in this field. I mean you have great opportunities of jobs. In abroad, there are many job for driving. Driving is related to taxi companies or to work under any Sheikh there. Usually, Taxi men, earns a lot. In London, Australia, there are many people who drove taxis and earns and believe you me they earns abroad but when they comes to Pakistan they are so good in money that they saves a lot. In Pakistan, taxi jobs are pathetic and one of the worst condition of this field as well. Like, every taxi company there are deserving and they take care of their employers. In, every poor are in this field and they all haven’t any organization under with they work. And it is the worst thing, even our taxis are not work under any organization. Recently, Careem name organization opened this opportunity where they need drivers and on the salary they work and I think this is the best thing I observed. Opening up our own Taxi etc isn’t that helpful. So driving jobs are great in Saudi Arabia, they just need good drivers and fast and speedy drivers who can make their organization best. What they need and how to apply? Two hard things! Well what I think is that there aren’t any platform online from which a driver can apply but by going there on student visa, just go to a taxi company show your government license and certificate, and your records and that’s all! You are in! And if you directly want to on senior you have to give a test of driving. So jobs are brilliant in this field. So go for it who aren’t that educated and cannot do other things but can drive! Wait for more articles.