Dubai Banks

Banks! Well most of the people think that Banks are corrupted organization. If a person will do work in it, his payment is illegal. Well, this conspiracy of the people cannot change easily but Muslim world created their own Islamic banks where shares and other illegal type of money’s place is zero. After the summit conference many things changed and in Pakistan, banking became a vast field. We have top class banks like Bank ALFalah, HBL etc. that are really, really good at their work. Banks are the basic need because obviously it helps you in many ways and it made people’s life easier. Just with a click you can take out your money and without any tension you can save your money there. If you want to live on the safe side you always give your money and other savings to the banks. So many advantages of the bank you will see through banks.

Well! Dubai, which is added in the gulf area and gulf area is the most religious area in the world. As it is said that Islam starts from there. So Dubai and other gulf countries also established banks in point to point areas. Dubai is one of the most civilized, organized, modernized and beautiful city in the world. We can say that for foreigners it is the best place for tour and for businessman it is a best business trade. Everything is there. It is the only where you will see every countrymen. Dubai, is a Islamic city and their banks then be a legal side for people. But unluckily they are also following the same method as Europe invented. There are many illegal payments. Like if you save your money there, they cuts some percent from that money, then they doubles your money and other type of these things that are not allowed in our peaceful religion. I think Gulf is a role model for Muslims but what are they doing? Secondly, everyone needs to engage with banks there like if they go there they just simply take out money from there. But I am asking why it is not legal? Well, there are many questions and the answers are not my responsibility but seriously I want to give a message that Muslims are still following Europeans and those people who follow Non-Muslims, I mean they cannot follow our religion. Well, Dubai Banks also offers different jobs but only they want is experience. I think a third class banking stays there. Sometimes they make rule in the banks to finish contacts with the foreigner workers. Sometime they want them. I still remember, my father’s contract was finished just because of these stupid rules. Every Accountant go there for beautiful jobs as they know that if they will work in Banks, the payment will be in higher amount. But only they want is experience. If you have experience only then you can work. And If a person’s education is really very high but his age is younger they says you cant be a manager. I mean what they are trying to do with the youngsters. That’s why they got demoralized and work in the companies. So Dubai should think on it that what are they doing and in what  conditions they do with the people.