Oil and Gas Jobs in Dubai

Dubai-one of the healthiest and wealthiest country of Middle East. The country has a lot of oil reserves and supplies. As all the Middle East countries are equipped with the wealth of petrochemicals, many people come towards it as the see a lot of attraction. Many oil and gas companies are operating in Dubai and people working there earn a handsome amount of money. In oil and gas sector and companies, the jobs are offered on different scales in Dubai

Famous Oil and Gas Companies Operating In Dubai:-

The Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector and Companies:-

Following are some of the jobs being offered in Oil and Gas sector. Rigging Supervisor, he is the person who has experience in rigging and can guide his team. Quality control Engineer, he is the person who regulates the quality of the products. Assistant engineers. Account and Finance Manager, he is the person who can take care of the finances and accounts of the company. Mechanical technician obviously well required to deal with the mechanics. Marketing Executive, who markets and publicizes the company, HR manager to deal with human resource management. Ware house manager. Design and drafting manager, he is the person who holds a degree in engineering. Piling engineer, who has the experience in piling field. Welder. Industrial Design Manger for new companies and much more job offers.

Companies Offering Job In Oil and Gas Sector:-

There are some reputed oil and gas companies in Dubai which offers the jobs in all above mentioned areas. These include MGT International Dubai. MGT International Dubai has set the target for a number of international companies like Oil and Gas, Military and NGOs. It provides hundreds of procurement services. So for a foreigner, there are tons of chances of being selected for a job here. Pan Gulf Energy and Fuel Supply is also a reputable company to look for job in Oil and Gas Department in Dubai. It supplies a tons of petrochemical products to its users other than just retail business and has been able to maintain its standard for so many years. United Chemicals International. It has a full application of oil and gas in several manufacturing processes and this company has been operating in many parts of the World like North America and Europe other than just Dubai. Shell is a great company to work throughout the world in Oil and Gas sector and it provides a lot of petrochemical products. This company Shell offers a lot of jobs to people and has been able to always maintain its standard. ITECO oil field supply provides a large variety of supply of oil and petrochemicals in various countries and continents.

Salaries in Oil and Gas Sector:-

By doing a job in oil and gas sector or company you can start earning some handsome amount of money. The salaries for some of the great professions in oil and gas field includes. The petroleum engineer can earn upto AED 330,000.  Project engineer can easily earn AED 228,000. The mechanical engineer AED 460,000, the financial controller can earn AED 354,990. The salary of reservoir engineer include AED 480,000. The average salary of procurement engineer is AED 346,000 and the highest salary is of Financial Engineer is AED 600,000. So this is how much great amount of money you can while working in Dubai.

How To Apply for Oil and Gas Job:-

  • Go for looking upto some prospective employers on websites like Yellow Pages and Free Zone.
  • Look at the business or companies you may want to work in.
  • Look for the reputation and class of the business.
  • Check for the validity and authenticity of the companies and go for looking the positive and negative reviews and avoid the websites with Hotmail or Gmail addresses.
  • Then you will get the applying criteria for every company.

Hurdles for Finding Jobs and Working in Oil and Gas Sector In Dubai:-

A great number of Oil and Gas operating in Dubai have shed some huge amounts of workers from their companies to avoid all the operational costs in the hope for surviving and getting through the downturn. This downturn has resulted in reduction the number of employees especially the engineering sector. The oil and gas companies have trimmed down their workers and have become more selective in recruitment of employees. Their own local workforce have been increasing that is the job seekers from abroad have been facing  a lot of employees in finding jobs in oil and gas sectors. The large number of decline in businesses in oil and gas companies has result in this downfall.