Shopping Malls To Visit in Dubai

Dubai has always been known as the top shopping destination and the has variety of classy malls located in the city. People from around the world consider the city as the most suitable place for shopping. Summers in Dubai – where to go? What to do? This is the common question asked by people who wants to avoid the sun. But wait! Here is the solution and the best way to protect yourself from the heat. A person can spend his/her day in the malls – The beautiful, air conditioned malls are here to resolve your tasks.


Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai is the city where you can not drive for 10 mins and not come across a shopping mall , it is impossible to find the route completely empty. However, Malls in Dubai are not made only for shopping but they are the sources of Entertainment ; You can get everything under one roof. For example – theme and adventure parks , cinemas , cafes/restaurants, ice rinks and Aquariums.

The land of malls has 69 malls and some are under construction. Each and every mall has its own charm and fascination. There are malls which should be visited by everyone and this includes – the mall of the Emirates, Wafi, Ibn Battuta, Festival center and ofcourse the largest and the loveliest “The Dubai Mall”.

To begin with, Waif mall is unique and simply eye-catching because of its art work. There are malls and there is this Mall, its different from any other mall in the town. It is a pyramid shaped mall which has become a symbol of Egyptian beauty ; the statues of pharaohs and a Cleopatra-themed designs are must-see things.


Dubai Shopping Malls

Moreover, The Mall of the Emirates is one of the most fun-filled mall, not just a mall but its an entire shopping resort. The mall provides you the best of best springs of entertainment including the well renowned “Ski Dubai”, place where you can fulfill your icy dreams – An indoor ski slope. Furthermore it has a Grand area for kids called “The Magic Planet” where kids can enjoy their day while parents shop! This is fun but on the other hand it seems tiring too but don’t you worry, Emirates mall offers the relaxing mode – It has a hotel inside known as “Kempensiki”.

Last but not the least – The ibn Battuta mall. It is the worlds largest themed shopping mall , was designed in honour of Ibn Battuta (The famous Arabic Explorer). The beautifully designed mall is the main attraction for tourist as it is made in a way; the mall is divided in six parts and the parts are based on the countries which Ibn Battuta explored in his life. There are 275 shops, 50 restaurants and a 21 screen Cinema, hope it will give an idea of Mall’s size and area.

To conclude , I would say that malls of Dubai are luxurious and wonderfully made. Everyone should visit and explore them especially those which bagged the starting title of “The Worlds largest , biggest… etc”. Shop till you drop! And yes make sure you wear your comfy shoes.