Relationship Between UK and Dubai

The Dubai Embassy is located in London which is accessible to the residence who live in and around London this means it saves the cost of traveling as it is available in the area.The Dubai UK embassy has linked with the United Kingdom and Dubai. This means that it will build alliances between the two countries and make the bond stronger. In this article we will talk about the economy and trade relation of UK and Dubai and about the culture community and the arts.


Dubai UK Relationship

The economy trade relationship between the c the statics show that there are at least a hundredth thousand British citizen in the United Arabs Emirates and approximately fifty thousand Emirates visit the united kingdom ever year. The flights between the two countries are around about one hundred and seventy each week. Also statics show that at least there are over one million British  who travel in the United Arab emirates per year. This means that the both countries have a strong trade and economic relationship of UK and Dubai is clearly shown by the statics told above. This also means that there are lot of tourist that visit both countries which helps the economy as tourist would shop and go and visit places and sites and buildings in return they gain profit by tourist visiting there countries. Also the tourist that give good review about the country about the places they have been they are telling other people about the great services that the countries serve them and this gives the countries to gain more tourist.

The British companies have been supporters in 2005 when the Emirates foundation was found they have had long term support of the opportunities  across the United Arabs Emirates within education,society culture,social development and many more. By having support from the British  companies could have been the reason for the development of emirates foundation which led to many different opportunities for Emirates foundation.

The Emirates foundation and the United kingdom Booker prize foundation launched in April 2007 International prize for Arabic  fiction there were many rewards given for Arabic creative gritting.This was motivated through readership this gave the community a chance to learn the Arabic language and they have also given out many other awards such as in the Sheikh Zayed Book award in June 2009 through Abu Dhabi authority for in heritage also and invitation to the musical ride of the British armies household cavalry which formed the Queens personal bodyguards since the year 1660. They provide the Queens life guards and they attend state occasions such as sovereigns escort. This shows the long term support of the British countries towards the United Arabs Emirates. This support has many benefits towards British companies as they have provided protection towards the queen by having personal body guards this again straightens the relationship of UK and Dubai.

Overall I conclude that the United kingdom Dubai embassy that is located in London have a good relationship between UK and Dubai. The support shown by the British countries towards the United Arabs Emirates it means that the alliances have strengthened between the two countries in many different ways. One main reason is the long term support by the British companies towards the United Arabs Emirates foundation which provided a lot of opportunities that helped build understanding between two countries and chances if development and growth in different areas.