Dubai Visa And Immigration

Dubai Immigration:
Process of Dubai immigration is simple and thorough. First of all you need a visa for entering the country unless you are GCC national. GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council and the GCC countries are, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So if you are a national of any of these countries, you dont need a visa to enter Dubai. The visa rules keeps on changing from time to time. See Dubai Visa Documentation And Fee for further details.

Immigration and Visa of Dubai

Dubai Visa And Immigration Guide

Dubai Visa:

If you need a visa, it is best to apply before coming to Dubai, the details are given in Types Of Visas Of Dubai. If you reach Dubai, and you have any question regarding your visa then visit Dubai Immigration office at terminal 3 of Dubai airport. The immigration office is open 24/7. Now your visa can be of different types as explained in detail in other articles. You can apply for different types of visas depending upon your purpose and duration of stay.

People Entering The Land of Emirates: 

Dubai is helping thousands of people and is accommodating them. Dubai is now a hub for ecenomic and industrial growth, thats why people try to move to Dubai and works in Dubai while the business people enters and leaves Dubai very frequently. People apply for Dubai gets the visa very easily and quickly therefore its among the world’s most trusted name in immigration consultancy. UAE immigration department is working since 1996. The law for immigration is providing Because we’ve been helping our clients relocate to the UAE since 1996, and the immigration law is providing a chance for success to the people.

Process For Dubai Visa And Immigration:

If you want to finish the immigration process immediately, you must have modern passport with a barcode, then the smart gates at terminal 3 are the quickest way of Immigration to Dubai. All you have to do is to keep the photo page of your passport on scanner, step in to the gate for eye scanningand the go through the gate, the process will take just a few seconds. If you are coming for the first time, you have to complete an eye scan and then you must register yourself to an immigration officer. Now if you dont have that barcode passport, you can use the standard procedure. You can also get an E-Gate card which is a unique card forfor Dubai immigration process. At E-Gares of terminal 3 and 1, just scan your fingerprint and card, your immigration to Dubai is done. If you dont have this card, go to the immigration office at the airport which is present at each terminal and get yourself registered now. This card is alloted to the visitors and residents only. Some visitors have to do an eye scan when they arrive at the airport’s immigration.

Things Not To Forget About Dubai Visa And Immigration:

You must check the visa requirement of the place where you are going, the airline you are traveling in, will advise you the same. If you fail to have complete visa documentation, you would not be allowed to travel. You can check all the details about Dubai visa documentation and fee in our article Visa Documentation And Fee.