Work Visa For Dubai

Dubai, my favorite place and Arab’s best place in business and tourism, where thousands of people visits for different things. The one’s who wants to go abroad and cannot work in their countries they usually go Dubai for the jobs, but only in Asia. Like I have a example of my uncles and cousins, they were unable to find good and deserving jobs in Pakistan so they went Dubai for the jobs and they earn good now MashaAllah! They manage their household things and every expense of their and their children. Dubai’s best things is that you can find jobs there. Like I don’t know but whoever went there, they all are successful in finding jobs. Dubai, that has hundreds of companies. What I noticed there is that there is a lot of demand of accounting, computers and business. A businessman visits and always be successful. Everyone here can do a lot of things here. There are so many malls that are so nice and gigantic and well organized. In Pakistan, Dubai is really very on top lost because every jobless man find their jobs in Dubai. However, Dubai has one decline and downfall and that is one and only studies, the education! They dont have education centers that can make their children best. In Pakistan, thousands of people go Dubai for jobs but 100 of students comes Pakistan for education system. Dubai Working Visa, it is one of the most hardest thing. There are very few people I saw who went Dubai on working Visa. My brother, Alhamdulillah he is settled in Dubai and he didn’t go on working Visa. He went there on student Visa. Student Visa is quite good and it is one of the cheapest visa. Working Visa is the responsibility of Dubai’s company who offers jobs to employers. Once you go there, you have to go on Student Visa, and it is always a limited Visa and then in that limited time when you finds the job then it is the hold of company on you and they apply long visa for you.

Like airlines Visas which are applied online as well, and facilities are provided from the airlines like Air Arabia,  Air Astana,  Emirates, Etihad, Air Baltic, Air Berlin, Air Serbia and flydubai. The best thing, I noticed, is that they refuse to give Visa to Israeli citizens. For all others nationals who are not granted visa-free or visa on arrival, UAE visas rules vary according to nationality, age and gender. For example, for Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, Mauritanians and Tunisians minimum age requirement to apply for a visa is 40. For other nationalities, the minimum age requirement to apply for a visa is 21 for men and 23 for women. Dubai, have really very high security in this matter. They have good techniques that how to control all this. In Pakistan there are 100s of people who go for Visas and not only in Pakistan but there are many people like Indians, Afghanis, Libyans, etc who come Dubai for different jobs. Visa is the biggest problems of the countries but what I noticed is that Dubai’s visa is quite is to apply. You just need to have a job there and then you can have your own Visa for 2 3 years. Mostly, the people who apply for work visa in Dubai they go there for business, which we call business tours. Like they buy the things from there and sells in their respective countries. So there are many setups but the best thing I got to know is that they never accept Visa of a Israeli Citizen and I am so happy right now. Well, so if you want to go for the jobs go for students Visas and cheap airline. Well, in this era you just need to apply online. So best of luck and do search requirements of Dubai working Visa.