Education in Pakistani Culture

Education system is considered backbone of a country. If a country with good educational system it must be with good cultural values in roots. Education systems vary society to society. In every social system education play a very important role to take that nation on peek. So the biggest agenda of every developed nation to provide better schooling and best education system.

Government Primary School in Pakistan


If we talked about our educational culture we will diffidently get confused. Because as we all know have a variety of systems although our slogan as a nation is HUM AIK HAIN. But actually the ruling power of our country divided us in this so called education system. We have a TAAT school system where students get education sitting on TAATS; we have English and Urdu medium Government schools. Then we have MUDRSSSAs where just Islamic education delivered to students. Then comes private English medium schools that copied total western style of education. When children belonging to all these educational institutes comes out what will happen? Are not they will totally different from each other? Some of them feel proud while some of them feel complex. Another bad thing that is the syllabus, the syllabus taught in schools and collages is not our society’s need. What we taught in school is economics, MBA, fine arts, communication, computer and many other subjects that are not real need of the society. Because everyone cannot get white collared job after getting even 16 years of education, as our economic situation is not stabled.  No doubt importance of these subjects is on the place of it. But we should keep in mind that we are a developing nation. And a country where schools are being used for tether animals in the schools ground what will be the future of the nation.

If we see the education culture history of developed nation the first and foremost thing is there is a same education system for all students. And they provide that kind of education that is according to their social need of the day. If we see the history there was a time when china was asked by the world a closed door nation. It means china made its development by cutting off with the whole world. And now china is a world power, whole world asserts that china do a great job for gaining its current position.  They don’t blindly follow the western culture as we are doing. We get inspiration from west in every bad culture that not even meet with our Islamic values, and why we don’t follow the positive things of west.  Due to the emerging false traditions in our culture of education we are slaves of the west.

Possible solution to refine of our education system is firstly Government should take strong steps to make the whole education system same. Then come the need to introduced technical and vocational courses for the students. History of Islam and other Islamic education should teach in institutions along with the courses that would help full in future to find a good job for students. On the other hand when education system will be same for all a wind of cooperation comes in society.  The need of tolerance in society is also a matter, when everyone will satisfied then problems will automatically reduced. Education culture is a base for a society. It can take to a nation on the peek or it may lay down due to wrong cultures adopted in education system. Just need to be care of institutions, just with the increased numbering of institution system can’t change.  Government’s responsibility doesn’t end here. Teacher provides to Government institution and strictly asked them to teach in a right way. So, in this way we can change our destiny as a nation.