Impact of Fast Food On Health

Fast food refers to the food that is cooked in less time having loads of fats, sugar, Tran’s fats, preservatives and carbonated beverages. Fast food is very popular among youngsters and teens. It is also known as junk food, includes sweets, samosas, rolls, chaat, snacks, drinks, juices, pizzas, burgers, cakes and many other contains artificial flavors and preservatives to keep it fresh and eatable after long intervals of time.

fast food


Fast food trend is very common since years because it is available in cheap prices and there is no need of going in to kitchen and make-bake. Fast food is not considered good for health as it causes many diseases like heart problem because fats present in these products clog the arteries of heart and become dangerous for the life of a human being. Although junk food slowly ruins health and the person eating it can’t feel that poison is creeping in to his body.

health issues

Fast food is not considered good for health as it causes diseases like heart problem.

Obesity is also the main cause of junk food, as it contains high calories, cholesterol and fewer nutrients. People can’t resist from eating items made outside and without caring about its side effects, fast food restaurants are full of customers. Getting out of shape creates many other problems in a person’s life, like losing self-confidence, depression and laziness.

Respiratory and liver disturbances occur by eating fast food daily. Many other complications like Stomach issues, high bold pressure and toothache are also increasing. Junk means ‘useless’ as the name given to these type of food indicates it has no nutritional value. Low quality oils and other ingredients are used just to make it available in few minutes, without bothering quality and nourishment facts. Spices, salt are put in large amounts that cause ulcer and lungs disorder. Standard of eatables is compromised by big companies just to do brisk business.

Fast food chains are expanding day by day; and, the major reason of it is globalization. Globally this trend is common and developing countries take a great impact and have changed food habits.

time to dinner

Dine out is the favorite activity and entertainment for any one.

Dine out is the favorite activity and entertainment for the young ones specially. Family get together is decreasing and intake of delicious handmade, fresh and healthy food is lacking. Mothers are busy in their own lives and prefer packed snacks, ready-made food for children’s. In the initial growing ages, they are eating malnutrition food; you can estimate how their health will be in future.
There’s no guarantee of cleanliness during making and presentation of these items. Un hygienic food is also creating hurdles in health. Food items are stored in closed boxes with chemicals and artificial flavors. Junk food is made in machines and for some people it is not affordable to make these things at home. So they prefer going out to eat or order on phone call for delivery at doorstep.

bad habbit

Respiratory and liver disturbances occur by eating fast food daily.

Dining out is not affordable for everyone and some people feel guilty when they refuse to go with friends. Although, knowing the side effects, some people love to eat; because of peer pressure, to keep their selves updated from ongoing trend. Junk that is expensive in five star cafés and restaurants is creating social divide between the people belonging to upper class and lower classes.

junk food is bad

from now on wards say no to junk.

Lunch dinner made at home with hygiene and nutrition has no competition with ready made products. Dinner gathering on special events and at feasts is part of our culture. It promotes love and belonging between relationships. Sitting together and make dishes from own hands are full with taste and affection. Making cakes, burgers and pizzas at home with a little effort are more healthful and cheap as well. If we stop eating fast food and start consuming homemade dishes, then our health will not face any bad consequences in future. So from now on wards say no to junk.