Essential Oils is Secret of Health

Oils are very important in our daily life. They are considered as secret of health. Some oils are effective for skin, hairs, and for health. Here some oils are given for your guidance to use them daily to take care of hairs and skin.
Oils are considered as best source of nutrients .they provide with the fatty acids and vitamins that our body can’t produce. A good fat in healthy oils are very helpful for controlling immune system, cholesterol level, and as well as depression.
Did you know that you need many others essential oils which can keep you healthy?

Effective Oils


Oil is something which we use on daily basis in our food and in our kitchen. Every oil has its own importance and benefits. Oils are one of the best blessings in our lives. These oils are very essential for health they can be used in salads, over bread, used with vegetables.Essentail for skin, can be used as a beauty agents, and use in many skin products.
There are certain oils explained with their benefits.
Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is considered as one the stable oil for cooking.
• One table spoon early in the morning will provide you energy.
• Best hair conditioner.
• Helps in weight losing.
• Rub on your skin it will help you to improve the skin.
Red palm oil:
Best source of vitamin A, is often added with coconut oil and used in many dishes like is also used for greasing pans while making fish, eggs, meat.
Olive oil:
It is considered as a heart healthy helps to improve health condition
• Control cholesterol.
• Cooking purpose.
• Improve skin
• Remove wrinkles
• Use in breakfast
• Use in salads
Flax seed oil:
Best oil used in salad dressing, mixed in smoothies, can be used over bread.
Pumpkin seed oil:
It is considers as one of the delicious oil which adds nutty flavor to also helps in reducing cholesterol.
Pine nut oil:
It is flavored oil used over salads and can be used in milk best alternate for olive oil.
Cod oil and fish oil:
You can expect these benefits when you eat cod and fish oil.
• It fights with cancer, heart disease, depression and diabetes.
• Increase energy level.
• Good in a condition on flu and cold.
Sunflower and walnut oil:
It will provide with these benefits
• Improve blood cholesterol level.
• Best controller of heart disease.
• Provides with the fats essential for good health.
Tea tree oil:
It is commonly use in Australia .Good news about this oil is that
• It is used for skin problem.
• Remove acne.
• Used in many skin products.

Lemon Oil Uses

Lemon Oil Uses

Lemon oil:
Lemon oil is very essential for body. It provides
• Removal of acne.
• It has uplifting properties.
• It is also helpful for keeps fleas away when used on your pets.
Grapes fruits oil:
This oil is similar to lemon oil .It is also a natural antiseptic so you can add it to your homemade household cleansers to keep your home safe and clean.
Calendula oil is also known as marigold.
• Essential for sensitive skin.
• Remove acne.
• Put a drops of oil in water during taking bath will give you refreshing effects.
Avocado oil:
• It contains vitamin E it makes the skin softer and reduces skin wrinkles.
• Best for cooking.
Nut oil:
• Good for skin and hair.
• Dish which contains nut oil makes the dish expensive.
• Used in salads.
• Effective for cold and all forms of allergies.
• Eucalyptus can be used to relieve sore muscles.
• Do not use on skin it can be irritating.
• Stimulate immune system.