Steps and Tips For Everyday Makeup Routine

Every woman wants to look beautiful and presentable. Every girl dreams about going out of the home looking fresh and composed with the perfect kind of makeup and outfit. But for some, this is a very difficult task as applying makeup seems a prolong and confusing process to them. Than there is one more problem many of us have to face and that is which product to choose. Which cosmetics and products are a necessity and which ones are a liability, what to add and what to subtract from the makeup routine. What to do when you have just about 5 minutes to apply makeup for a casual day out and what to do when you have a party to attend and 10 minutes to get ready.

light makeup


The solution to all these quick makeup problems is one and that is a very easy and effective makeup for your routine life. Everyday makeup must always be light and look close to natural, which makes you appear neat and classy without overcrowding you. A very important habit which everyone should follow is washing and cleaning their skin. Drinking lots of water is another important thing. When one does that, the skin remains fresh and clean and than it becomes very easy to adopt a quick makeup routine.

So here are some tips and steps you can use for an easy and manageable makeup routine:

Face wash: A face wash of a good company reduces a lot of the worries of cleansing and dirt. invest in a good face wash and use it daily twice, in the morning and night.

Toner: A toner is the next step and the best part is that you don’t have to buy any other expensive one. Our very own rosewater works as the best toner and helps in cleansing and toning the skin.

Moisturizer: The most essential of all skin products is the moisturizer and one needs it almost all the year even in summer. Use an extra rich moisturizer if you have dry skin and if you have oily skin, do use a moisturizer but with less oils. Never think that you don’t need it. However do check out which one suites you and than invest.

Compact: Compacts are a very handy and convenient products as they give our skin that quick smooth appearance it needs in times of rush. Buy a compact which is close to you skin colour as these are not supposed to make you look flour white, in fact they are supposed to hide light marks, spots or uneven skin tone. It is advisable to keep a compact in you purse when going out, they are amazing for quick smooth fresh appearance of the skin.

Blush: Blushes come in various colours from soft peach tones to dark rosy ones. If you have dark skin, a rosy blush will be good and if you have light skin, peach will work too. However it depends a lot on the features and the personality of the makeup bearer, so do try before buying or using in routine.

Eyeliner:Eye liner gives eyes a finished and ‘awake’ appearance. Either you buy a liquid one or dry, check out different styles and than choose the one which compliments your eyes the best.

Mascara: Mascara gives the lashes a neat refined look also making them appear dark, thick and long, a symbol of beautiful lashes. Invest in a good volume mascara and pamper your lashes in the best way.

Lip colour: Last but not the least, choose a lip colour which goes well with your outfits and makeup and you are ready to rock the streets.