Fashion of Kurta Shalwar

Kurta, a common dress of Muslim tradition. Not only Muslims but Hindu Sikhs also wear this dress but in some other style. It’s fashion is unique. A bearded man and Kurta is a perfect combination. Kurta is usually made up of cotton but nowadays it is turning into a fashion. Every celebrity used to wear Kurta Shalwaar. Kurta is basically a Shirt and Shalwaar is a pant. It is said that Qutubuddin Aibak also wore Kurta Shalwaar. In Pakistan , it is really very common and every Friday half of the population wear this dress. Kurta Shalwaar is now becoming very popular. It’s designs and style is unique. Kurta Shalwaar has many types. Like Sherwaani Kurta, Banarsi Kurta, Balochi Kurta. All are of same type but the style has a change. In 1930s, the wealthy people used to wear Kurta Shalwaar with a Coty ( A small, sleeveless coat) , so that a rich impression can be shown. Our great, founder of Pakistan also wore Shalwaar Kameez, but of Sherwaani type..

Kurta was introduced by observing Jubba (Arabic Islaamic dress, a long white dress without pants). Jubba was an Arabic dress, so this Kurta Shalwaar was taken out.  Previously, it was only of cotton material. But as the day passes, this dress start becoming a fashion. Muslims of Pakistan and Asia mostly buy Kurta Shalwaar on the Islaamic Festivals. If we talk about Eid Ul Fitr, people start buying this dress before 10-20 days of Eid. Not only this but in HollyWood Bollywood, when Muslim’s discussion takes place they display Muslims in Kurta Shalwaar. Old people says that, Topi ( Cap ) is the wife of Kurta Shalwaar. This is not only fashion but gives you an identity of Muslim. Kurta are of different cloths like, Silk, Nylon etc. Different colours are also available. So, this glamour is fabulous. Many people make it more impressive by adding Cotys, designs, collars etc. In Pakistan almost every politican wears Kurta Shalwaar (Shalwaar Kameez). Recently, a exhibiton was held by Lux, in which the models came in Kurta Shalwaar. Not only this but it is luxurious, well luxurious in the sense that people used to say that it is really very soft and easy dresses. Muslim’s groom also wear this dress, but it is Sherwaani. There are many outlets introduced. They taken out much impressive designs. Like Junaid Jamshed, WardRobe, Bonanza etc. Subcotinent Muslims always wear this dress, but not only Muslims Sikhs also wear this. Punjabis of India has a trend of wear a Shalwaar Kameez. Balochi Kurta is most favourite of the people. But nowadays this fashion became weird, because of the designs and the cloth type. The cloth which is used to make Kurta Shalwaar is mostly in Silk, and Silk is prohibted in Islaam. So controversies are there. But, Muslim outlets themselves introducing these dresses. It is said by our Prophetﷺ that silk is not allowed but a bearded man himself selling it. Biggest example is of Junaid Jamshed. Well, we can’t say on anyone’s personality.

So, we have to care that what type of Kurta we are wearing. Cotton is a sober and decent cloth, and the tailors are so talented that they can sew any type of design on your Kurta. This fashion is really very popular and we have to support it by writing on them so that European people also adopt the fashion. Like our models doing. They all are promotiong it. Try to wear Kurtas on Fridays so that a sober look drops from you.