Fashion Of Bindi, Matha Patti or Tikka

Fashion is change with the passage of time but some fashion exists in every era like Bindi, Tikka or Matha Patti. The fashion of Bindi and Tikka is basically originated from India in the place of Teeka. Tikka is religious sing for Hindus but in other countries it is a fashion oriented thing. The most common Tikka is red powder applied with the thumb.



That red powder is Hindus religion’s part but other girls who wear Tikka is too much modified in beads, silver, diamond or gold material etc. Like that Matha Patti is another form of head jewelry. Matha Patti is mostly used in wedding for bridals or newly married girls but Tikka and Bindi is a party wear for girls. Mostly bridals want to heavy Matha Patti but some wear light and simple Matha Patti. Matha Patti is in gold, silver, platinum or now in plastic material to.

Bindi gives you mature look that show the sing of seniority and respect. Round shape Bindi give you healthy look. Those whose face features are thin or feel long they wear round or small Bindi and those whose face is round shape they try to wear little lengthy Bindi, normal length of face are in benefit they try both type of Bindies and look smart. The most common colors are red, yellow or blue but in modern era we find all colors in Bindies ladies buy it according to their dresses.

Tikka gives you central and sharp look. Young girls wear Tikka and look elegant especially in parties they wear matching Tikka according to their head size, those who feel her head size is larger than other or in round shape look little different in gathering they must wear long and thin matching Tikka. And those who have little small head size and shape, they must try to wear heavy and round shape Tikka they look different. Tikka enhance your forehead beauty and give you style.

Tikka is too much modified in beads, silver, diamond or gold material etc.

Bindi and Tikka gives you mature look that show the sing of seniority and respect.

Matha Patti is a great addition in bridal jewelry which gives him special look. Those whose head is in small size makeup artist suggest them use single line Matha Patti but those whose head is in long shape they look pleasing to the eye in 3 to 4 line Matha Patti.

Today bridals buy Matha Patti matching with Lahnga. Gold Matha Patti is usually used in rich families and looks pleasing but in low price we buy beads or mote decorated Matha Patti. Bridal from poor houses also looks fashionable in Matha Patti.   Mostly models wear it on her ramp or walk and look beautiful. One sided Matha Patti is also in for bridals and they look gorgeous.

Women always want to look different and attractive so they find different ways and techniques. Bindi, Tikka and Matha Patti are some ways to decorate our head and look fashionable. Now a days they all are in the fashion are girls use it rapidly and frequently in party, in marriage or in religious festival. Fashion designers and jewelers said client order to make Matha Patti in different stones or beads. Especially in red or maroon beads or stones are preferred for bridals.