Trends of Blue In Memoir

When we sad we see the sky and feel satisfy,the vast and endless sky relax us and produce ability in us to regather our powers and energies for the rest of life. Blue is color of thought, ides or mind. Blue is the color of concentration and clear communication. Blue is the color of moment or time. Blue is color of closeness and clearness. Blue is the color of casual and regular routine. Kids feel calm and relax after wearing blue. Boys always prefer to wear blue shirts.

blue is in style


Meaning of blue in profession:

Blue color is casual in profession. Blue is give you light look in profession it give you clear and relax environment in office. Blue color show diversity and creativity in profession. Blue is the color of writing and ink. Blue show the deepness of a person toward work. Hard worker is always looking in blue clothing. Blue show the space, efficiency and versatility in thoughts and ideas. Blue tie on white dress show your passion, deepness and creativity.

color of purity is blue.

Blue attached with the emotions and faith.

Meaning of blue in religion:

Blue show purity and vastness that’s why in worshiping places like Masajid (mosque), Church (Christian temple), Mander (Hindu temple) mostly used blue marble, blue stone, blue print or blue carpets. Blue attached with the emotions and faith. Blue marble effects on you in term of coolness and easiness. Blue have the power of moldiness the thought of others.
Meaning of blue in fashion:

Ladies and gents feel ease and coolness after wearing blue shirt, blue jewelry, blue paint, blue shoes endless every blue clothing and style give you tension free environment. Now bridal have an option of blue in dresses they look royal and trendy. Blue jewelry also give traditional look. Blue give positive effect on our personality. We feel confident and casual in blue look. Blue is the most favorite color of the world. Blue Jeans is the most use able thing in the world with gives you casual and regular look. Blue sneakers have a great impact on our walk we feel relax and comfortable in blue shoes. Blue hair color is also in fashion it gives you alien look and you feel different in crowd.

Meaning of blue in furniture:  

Blue color in house gives brightness and vastness effect on our mood. In rooms if we paint blue color it gives you the feeling of life and royalty.  Blue furniture has positive impact on students because it gives you the space of thinking. Blue furniture is best for writer’s room. That color is considered favorite for scientist’s experiment and invention. All these represent that blue color is the color of intelligence and thought.

blue in life.

Creative mind think blue is the most eye catching color and acceptable for all type of persons in the world.

Why we choose blue:

Today in modern and rapidly changing world most creative mind think blue is the most eye catching color and acceptable for all type of persons in the world that’s why today most famous movie or cartoon is in blue color like RIO, AVATAR, FROZEN, THE SMURFS & NEMO etc. World is fill with 2/3 with blue water and cover with blue sky so it is consider most familiar color in the world.

color of sadness.

Psychologist said blue is the color of unfriendliness. It is the color of hopelessness and stillness.

Worldwide effect of blue:

Artist think and said blue is the color of sadness and motionlessness. Psychologist said blue is the color of unfriendliness. Blue is color of hopelessness and stillness. Blue feel space in relation and relatives. Some consider it is the color of pain and disease. Movie maker use blue man as a emotionless or feeling less person. Blue is symbolized as lifelessness or just a spirit without body. Aliens are always showing in blue because they are emotionless, lifeless, thoughtless and colorless.