Sensational Sequel of Green

When we see around the world the most seen able color in the world is green. Green is the color of life and nature. Green is mostly preferred to use in houses because it give cool effect and tension free environment. Green improves the ability of reading and thinking that’s why students prefer paper preparation in parks, grounds and on grass. Green is the color of help. Green is the color of joining and collection. Green is the color of peace.

green is practicle


Meaning of Green in profession:

If you like green it means you are practical and down to earth person. Green effect the balance impact in office if you wear green before interview then it give you relaxing and tension free feeling. If you’re boos wear green then it means he/she is kind and generous. Green gives you the power of control and management. Those who wear green is more helping then other because it has the power of helping. Green color in jobs shows your sincerity and purity with simplicity.

Meaning of Green in furniture:

calm green

Green gives you psychologically effect of relaxation and calm.

Green gives you psychologically effect of relaxation and calm. In room if you add any green furniture, carpet, curtains or bed sheet it gives you tension free environment. Green reading room creates and enhances the desire of learning and reading. Green furniture give the opportunity of community work that’s why in Montessori school mostly used green tables and chair.

Meaning of green in religion:

Green is mostly used in mosque or worshiping places because people come there for calm and peace. Green grass is mostly used in surrounding of those places just to give peaceful and positive impact. Green has a power to grab the attention with slow and steady. Green color in those places arouses the sense of civilization and purity. Green color is specially preferred to use for hypertension people. Green color is beneficial for eye sight.

Islam in green

Muslims has a great association of green color.

Green has special association with Islam:

In Islam Muslims has a great association of green color. All the masajid is especially look green with green carpets. Last prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w)’s favorite color is green so every Muslim especially wear green and feel relax and happy. Green is the color of Islamic culture and tradition. Paradise is vision as green with all type of easiness. All Muslim country’s flags must use green color because Hazrat Muhammad wears green turban and coat.

green in fashion

Green dress give you natural and confident look.

Green as a fashion carrier:

In fashion industry green is most preferred in Ramadan, in Rabi-ul-awal and in August. Green gives cool effect in summer so women buy green dresses and men buy green shirt with pant and shoes. Green is the color of spring. Green is mostly used in Mahandi or Besant. Now green is also used for wedding dress and it give an elegant look. Green khusa is always giving a beautiful look to any women and girl in mahandi festival. Green stone jewelry is also in fashion and gives a smart look.

Worldwide effect of green:


Green absorb the heat and gives you cool effect.

In universe when we see around and not notice any single green color leaf we feel sad but if we see any green portion of earth we feel happy and relax. In summer green grass absorbs the heat and reflects coolness. Most scientists believe it is the biggest source of balancing temperature on the earth. Most environmental scientist much you grow green plant than much you feel clean atmosphere. All vegetables are green which give you balance nutrition and diet. Some people think green is color of risk, jealousy and distrust.

In that topic, I try to discuss all aspect of green color. If you think little different or wish to oppose me then write a feed back on given box and we will reply your query as soon as possible.