Fashion According To Life Style

The way which we prefer for living is called life style. Maybe it is a group or an individual living style. That term is firstly used by Alfred Adler.  Village life style is far different from city life style. Lifestyle is the source of Identity of one self. Political, social, religious and health issues show the life style of a person. Health is more depend about lifestyle. How much you spent your life time on hygiene, mental or physical health?



The atmosphere is most influencing part on fashion. Those who live on desert have different fashion style comparison to those who live near ocean. Grounds or mountain surrounding atmosphere is far differ then other.

fashion of desert

Desert give a new style in fashion.

In desert where sand cover every corner of the earth. The villagers wear lose or ankle length shirts called “tawb” or “khameez”. Desert men mostly covered their head with cotton headdress called “ghutra” or “scarf”.

In air scarf protect their head from sand particles. Girls also wear chader or chunri dupattas with gota lace.  They covered their full face with dupattas when she go to well for water or any other social work. On marriage day, desert people wear bright colors like red, orange, purple, pink etc. girls wear sari or long frocks and men wear chunri  “ghutra” with white “tawb” or some prefer colored “Dhoti”. Bridal of dessert wears full arm bangles with bright color Lahnga or kurtii with full width chunri dupattas.

water style clothes

fashion near the water area is different in color and costumes.

Ocean people are always in humid atmosphere everything, we feel wet every time specially clothes. Ocean peoples mostly depend on fish, crabs and other water animal for their bread and butter. In casual days mostly they wear short pant and short shirts.

They wear open chappel every time  but on marriage day the bridal wear short shirts with Lahnga in Pakistan or in India they wear sari mostly their barat and baraties  are on boat, in west bridal dress is in blue or water color with matching jewelry.  In Asia broom wear colored shirt with khusa or kharee.

fashion of hills

Hard and stiff atmosphere gives the dark color’s fashionable dresses.

Mountain people’s life is too hard and tough. Because their atmosphere is unpredictable nights are cooled and rainy but days are hot as fire on earth. They usually wear full length dresses men and women wear long shirts with shalwar in Pakistan they made stone jewelry for girls. The bridal of mountain wear red frock on their marriage day broom wear white dress with white or black ghutra with black kharee.  Their barat is coming on horse, mule or camel type animal that has naturally practice for mountain claiming.

sidhi fashion

fashion change with the change of environment.

Fashion is not the money oriented thing it is varying from culture to culture; it is the traditional things which new generation changes with passage of time. The most beauty is existing on mountain in nature that’s why their people are more fashionable then other.

Water or ocean create the natural depth in fashion the people live near the seas or river are little lazy in mater of fashion they just carry on their life but some who are the reason of inventions and innovations create beautiful jewelry from sea shells and from pearls or eye catching stones.  In desert, fashion is the most eye catching and in nature. Snake’s skin is used for bags or their skin prints is inspiration for fashion designer. Mostly dark colored insects are existing on desert’s colorless sand.

jewelry of wood

Animal bone earrings and necklaces are the fashion of dessert people.

Animal bones jewelry shows the fashion and style of jungle people. They are made it for looking different and stylish. Snake skin jewelry and bag is another beauty enhancing thing.  Bird’s feather is used in earrings are give a fashionable look it is originated through desert people who caught eagle, owl and make jewelry.  Bird’s beak is also used in finger ring or in necklaces.

Fish scale jewelry is also a new style but originated from the people who live near the water. Sea shells used for necklaces and it is specially made for ocean’s ladies from their husbands or lover. Pearl’s jewelry is most wanted and desired jewelry for women but most expensive and hard to approached thing in the world.