Dubai Is The Land of Flowers

When we listen about Dubai mostly it is known as land of desert, land of sand, land of buildings and resorts etc. but today I tell you that Dubai is the land of flower, land of color and the land of aroma.



Dubai’s world largest natural flower garden not only attracts the visitors it also enhance the beauty and color of gray desert. It is also known as Dubai Miracle Garden. It contains 45 million flowers with decorating heart, star, pyramids and arched style shape. It increases the visitor’s visit in Dubai and also gives surprise to see too much flower in one place. Every time visitor see new season flower with new colors and beautiful floral-aroma.


Garden need’s good care.

In desert, we see some flower which is associated with desert environment and type but too colorful and beautiful flower in desert is a miracle of the world. 10am to 10pm that garden is open for visitors but it is closed in peak of summer. The entry fee of that garden is just 20Dhs. There are some big trees as a windbreaker and as boundary of that colorful garden.

The outside or side of that garden is full of shopping outlet, plant nurseries and hotels. The most appreciating people are those who create that idea, who save that idea and who take care of it regularly. Eco-friendly environment in this garden is its positive point for everyone.


World largest flower wall.

The stunning design and beautiful aroma is always remember-able thing for me and every visitor. Such a unique display in desert is an art, a hard work and a consistent determined effort. The combination of color is speechless and a guidance for designer, dress stylish and other people.

Some time human eye can’t believe it is real or not, especially those who just view the pictures and read articles. The car designed flower is my favorite portion in the park. The other beautiful place is peacock structure which is full of arranged designed and decorated with colorful flower. There is a clock design which is also decorated with flower.


Gathering of Flower in one place.

The boundary wall is the longest flower wall in Guinness book of record. The flowers houses are also grab every visitor’s attraction. The fountain structure is also full of flower arrangement and designed. And the list of things are go on and on but the words are not stop but on every moment I appreciate those men who do that efforts and really done a great job. It is not a easy task or if we build ant thing then more responsibility is put on for maintenance of that thing.

In my childhood I listen that if you take care of flower then flower pray for you and Allah/God bless you and remove your life hurdle. It is long lasting good deed and Dubai done that good work so you must visit there and tells me about your experience and thought about that place which shock you for a moment and think about His created beauty on earth then what is Paradise?