Floral Trousers

Spring isn’t the only colorful season of the year, in fact on observing keenly and looking at it technically, fall is as much colorful as spring and therefore this fall; the fashion world brings for us not only the blacks and browns but florals too. Floral prints are very popular in these days no matter what your age or event is. From the colorful flowery jeans to frocks, tunics and jackets, colors and flowers are everywhere.

Floral jeans and tights

Floral jeans and tights

All over the world, florals have taken over and you can carry the prints with different outfits and very different looks.Those of you who are not comfortable wearing the denim material, tights are also available in same prints. However this is very important to know in what ways you can complement your looks by wearing the right prints with the right tops.

From neutrals to corals, teal, mint shades and from darker vibrant colors to medium soothing tones of tops, you can wear anything with a given pair of floral jeans. Plain tops without much of crowded designs are preferably worn with these adorable trousers and you can wear some bold statement necklaces with the outfit to make it more classy and formal.

Bold colored handbags, shoes and scarfs will complete the look with the printed denims or tights. If the top is plain and light colored, going for a peachy or pink lip color is often advisable as in this way you won’t look like a flower yourself and yet will portray a very classy and elegant appearance. Floral jeans and tights also come in various hues and textures from rosy to multi-flowered theme to grassy and woody prints. The hues range from dark and bold colors to lights and soft neutrals with which you can match the top of your desired color.


floral leggings

If you are going to a family brunch, a friend’s birthday or it’s your first day at college/university, these printed trousers matched with a very neat top and some statement accessories with give you the look required, elegant, stylish and feminine. The shoes chosen with the jeans depends on the event you are going at, but flats and heels, both go pretty well with them as long as you are comfortable, because as it is said, fashion without comfort is merely a show.

Hats and belts are the two accessories which are the ‘it’ fashion in today’s world and you surely will attract a lot of positive attention if you complement these both with your floral attire for any occasion (other than Oscars off course :p ).


floral jeans with blue and red

Along with this, many other floral accessories are available and very much ‘in’ in the fashion world like floral heels and flats, tops, hats, belts, bags, scarfs, jacket and a lot more. So go out of your way to experiment with the good and suitable fashion for you and live through the winter with colors and florals because fashion doesn’t make you, you make fashion. The trend of floral trousers is loved all over the world and doesn’t seem to go out of the limelight soon, so you can fearlessly carry yourself in them without appearing outdated. However a very important thing to remember while going for colorful floral attire is to make sure you match your accessories well and don’t appear overloaded and crowded.