Flower Jewelry Always Remain in Fashion

Fashion has no boundaries. But every culture or tradition has their own fashion and style. In Asia where most part of the country is favorable for cultivate different crops so there flower cultivation is more than anyone else. Girls of Asia love to wear flower jewelry, which enhance the natural beauty. Flower jewelry is less expensive then gold or silver and it fulfill the fashion place more than that. On mahandi, Asian girls wear yellow, white, red and orange flower jewelry. They look beautiful on that day because without makeup in flower’s jewelry girls look princess of flowers and innocent. In India, on religious festival they decorate their hair style and pone tail with the help of flower. Indian girls decorate their JORA wit flower lace.

Mostly useD Jasmine in jewelry of flower, but people prefers rose, lily, rose berry etc.


Flower earrings and gajras are one of the favorite items in jewelry. Flower jewelry making is the most sensitive process. People who make this jewelry, done a great and a hard work to maintain that flower fresh. Girls prefer fresh flower in their flower jewelry. Worker in that flower shops said, mostly people order yellow or white flower jewelry for events. In Pakistan red flower are also include in mahandi event with yellow flower that look eye catching look.

Fashion is a sense of happiness. It is important what you wear but more important is what you feel. After flower jewelry every girl or lady feel natural smile and beauty. Old ladies also like to wear flower jewelry that give fresh fragrance and smell.

Mostly worker use Jasmine in jewelry of flower, but people prefers rose, lily, rose berry etc. Today flower jewelry is design with the help of colorful beads and stones. Flower bracelets are the most demanding part of jewelry. Jewelry maker said now a day, when everyone looks stylish and different flower jewelry is a low cost fashion carry thing. In that, people look beautiful and fully confident on the day of ceremony.

In olden days when just rich people wear jewelry and look beautiful. It is consider a status symbol who wear more beautiful and expensive jewelry have much richer. So they wear gold, silver and diamond’s jewelry. But in 20th century when jewelry industry took a great fame and popularity. Every girl and women wear flower jewelry without any cast difference.

Flower jewelry is the most favorite and appealing thing. It gives natural and soothing effect. Girls look fresh and trendy in flower jewelry. Mostly when we talk about fashion, some think what is in market is fashion. Just change your perspective what you wear comfortably and look great is fashion. Fashion is belonging to us if we change our direction then fashion change itself so don’t copy the others but make you wardrobe stylish and gorgeous.