Friday, a religious day of Muslims. A favorite day of our last Prophetﷺ. All the Muslims of different areas gathers, and offer Salaat behind their Imaams. Every Muslim dresses well on this day and goes to Mosques for the prayers. There are many religions, and every religion has a religious day. Like Christianity have Sundays for prayers. But Muslim’s day is really very unique. The way of gathering and prayers are awesome. Many of the nations make Friday a fun day. They all set up a party night and enjoys there. On Friday, the ones who haven’t prayed a single day, they comes out on Friday and pray. This is the quality of Friday, and the one who dies on this day, his/her sin will forgive. But, Friday in Dubai is the real impression of Islam. The view of Dubai’s Friday is same like Pilgrimage’s prayers. Every man reaches mosques and prays behind their Imams.

Friday means weekend for them because it is a public holiday. Every worker rests on this day and sleeps. The bachelors or individual there mostly sleeps on this day. Only some bachelors get themselves out and enjoy the beauty of Dubai. But, the families of Dubai don’t sleep on this day. Without any tiredness, they go outside for fun. Every Friday, parks, gardens, malls and fun places are full. Restaurants of Dubai also introduce a special dish on every Friday. They wake up early, get fresh, dressed well, and gets ready from prayers. Then, every Muslims of Dubai goes Mosques for prayers. The Mosques are so beautiful that view becomes more elegant. Conventional food makes every home’s aroma perfect. People mostly head to the Malls and attends exhibitions held every Friday. But the question is that, Friday is a public holiday so the malls, water parks are opened on Fridays? Well, from morning till 4:00 PM everything is opened. Most of the people head towards Dubai Mall and goes to the Aquarium or do some shopping from Burj Ul Khalifa. They go up and capture the moments they spent there. The ones who love beaches and sea side, goes there with their children and enjoy the breeze and smell of the sea. Boating is also very common in Dubai. They open their stalls, which is located on Marina and you can do a boat trip around The Palm. Not only this, but the Water Parks are also very amazing. Certain times people heads to the Water Parks. Everyone swims their either she is a mother or sister. A great type of day they spend there. Most of the people heads Sharjah for a ride. But nowadays, RTA of Dubai closed Metro Lines on Friday’s morning as it is observed that very few people travels on this day.

So, a good day people of Dubai can spend. The accommodations and funs of Dubai are elegant. Many of the people make outings and do hangouts on Fridays. I will suggest you that if you planned for a tour of Dubai, please don’t miss Arba Ride on Creek, don’t miss Burj Ul Khalifa, and the malls of Dubai. Don’t miss any exhibition. So much fun places but I heard that the citizens of Dubai don’t like to go to the malls of Dubai. They only sleep on Friday and whole Dubai is empty on this day. Why? Because of the tough life a man spends there. Climate and tiredness makes a man lazy and only one day to sleep long. That’s why, they becomes greedy of sleep and rest the whole day.