Glamour of Red in Fashion

Fashion is changing day by day. Colors are the important component in fashion. Red is the most prominent color in fashion. Colors have different meanings. Red is the colors of emotions. Red color is usually carried by many children and women in dress and in makeup. Red is the color of glamour. It is said that red is the color of love. The photos with red back ground seem more attractive and liked by many people. Red clothing is noticed easily. In Russia, red means “beautiful”. Red is the intense color and most of decorators says that red furniture is the most attractive furniture. Red cars are also popular and it attracts many people. Red color is symbol of courage in United States. It is said that colors are imaginary friends.

Red color in hotels:
Red is the most favorite color of many people. It is used in many restaurants and hotels for decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulant.

Color of brides:
Red is the color of brides and it used specially on wedding. Chinese brides wear red color for good luck

Power and passion:
Red is the color of leadership, passion and is an intense color and shows the strong association. Red is the color that symbolizes the speed, fashion and style. Red is the color of attraction and attention.

Red is the color of women:
Many researches have proved that red is the color of winner and the players who wear red are mostly winners.

Red on biological basis:
Red has many effects on human nature. Face of many people turns red when they are angry .The person who is driving red car drive car faster and attract many people.

Learning and red color:
In our society test and different assignments are checked with the help of red pen and pencil. Reports and grads are marked with red pens.

Red and players:
Players and athletes also wear red color while playing. Their shirts are usually in red color. There are two different beliefs about red color in sports that wearing red means energy and power but viewing red indicates the fear, threats, dominance.

Red color and Valentine’s Day:
People often wear red color on Valentine’s Day. there is a strong bond of red color for this day. Red is the color of blood it was believed that red is the color of heart it is the part of body that the feeling of blood comes from. For this day red balloons, heart, ribbons, candies with red packing, and red roses are seen everywhere.

Red color and traffic signals:
Red is used for traffic signals .The logic behind this red signal is that red is the color seen from is the color of alert, danger and signals. Red color has highest light intensity. Due to its visibility, stop signs, stoplights, brake lights, and fire equipment are all painted red so it can be seen easily.

Red and national flags:
Red is the color often seen in national flags it is the common color.

Red color and mood:
Red color has strong influence on mood as well as on nature. Red lovers are bossy, energetic, bossy, powerful, natural born leader, moody, restless and full of passion.
In this article I have discussed red color in fashion and facts related to this color. Keep on visiting this site for more information.