Hala Benchmark in Islam

Islam is the only religion where guidance available in the light of Quran, Sunna’h which Prophet Muhammad Mustafa teaches Muslims to obey it and make it necessary for leaving your life on the basis of Islam.


Today science done research on Islam and consider it as a religion where knowledge have a great deal of importance on it and prophet Muhammad Mustafa is a great teacher of mankind till today what Muhammad describe in the past is actually a cure for every disease which are known till today or UN known not only proven by Muslims scholars even non Muslims scholars are still learning from Muhammad.

One of the greatest benchmark Islam set for Muslims is Halal and prophet describe the importance of halal in Islam mean everything which Allah told you to do that is actually due to you as being Muslims to obey it, there is no question mark if you don’t do that you’re guilty for that then you must have to take guidance from scholars what to do about the situation now than they will show you the correct path.

Start from wearing clothing essentials for cover you’re body well Islam have a great deal of direction in it what male personality has to wear or female personality has to wear dressing is actually a good color of Islam and Muslims are especially paying attention to it.

Food, cooking is a good part in Islam on which best slaughter principle described by Islam several years ago today have a shocking news for science not only way have better discipline in it, but which animals are declared halal for Muslims Ummah have a very special meaning’s on today’s science for which they’re doing research on it and implementing within their own premises by learning from religion Islam directly.

Basically here believers say it’s a religion who created a universe and Allah knows what best science is that’s the reason we are following it here what Quran says Al Baqarah, 2:168 O People, eat from the land what is permitted & good & do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan, for he is an open enemy to you.

This will clarify somehow harm is actually a footstep of iblees (satan) who declared by Allah a greater enemy of Muslims and as being a follower of religion, Islam they must have to take continuous guidance from scholars for keeping them self away from dirt.