Health is The Greatest Wealth

Health is wealth” is well known proverb. We all are aware of this proverb. It is a simple sentence but its meaning and sense is so tremendous and deep. Health has become synonymous and equivalent to the value of wealth in all societies. Health is valuable as money. Without health we cannot enjoy the beauty of life. Without it we surely will not be able to enjoy anything in life. We could not be able to appreciate the beauty of every day and live up to acknowledge the joys that come with our family and friends.

Health is Wealth


Health is Wealth” does not imply on physically well-being. By health we do not mean the absence of physical troubles. But it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The loss of health is loss of all happiness. Having best physique does not guarantee that it must have best intellect too. These are two different departments which need to be take care separately. There are many things to be done to maintain our mental and physical thirst. There is famous saying about health that is It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”.

To maintain health one should take morning walk which can re-energize his/her physical and mental spirits. As the rays of sun fall on body one must feel revitalizing in his/her cells. This is the best way to start a day on a high energy note. It is also a key to good health. Starting the day early on a bright note definitely helps in carrying that energy throughout the day. According to the researchers at University of California, ‘one of the Principle causes of deterioration of human organism’s physical faculties is its diminished ability to metabolize glucose‘. And they showed that even leisurely exercise, like taking walk, plays an important role in keeping glucose metabolism functioning smoothly. Therefore regular exercise, of any kind, is imperative for maintaining good health.

Like our body, our mind also needs an exercise. The best way to keep our mind healthy is to propitiate positive thinking and explore, expand and create new vistas of creative thinking. Like food for our body, our mind and soul need food too. Meditation, listening to soul searching music, reading good books and indulging in all new things that can bring peace and happiness goes a long way in maintaining our mental equilibrium. As it is said that A healthy mind has a healthy body

In spite of exercises good health also depends on several things. Fresh air and sunlight are also very important for health. A dirty and damp atmosphere can cause a lot of diseases. Food is another important and necessary thing for the body. We all know, how, when and what to eat. A balanced diet helps the proper growth of the body. But we should also remember that we eat to live not that we live to eat. Over eating causes a large number of deaths. If we eat less, we may live more.

We should also know some simple rules of hygiene. Houses must be airy and sunny. Apart from all this, we must adopt good habits. We must keep ourselves free from cares and anxieties. Early rising is equally necessary for good health. So we must try to keep fit. Health is the real wealth.

But nowadays lifestyles diseases are on the surge. We almost find a patient of sugar, diabetes, hypertension or some other kind of disease in every family. All this is happening due to our volatile and stressed atmosphere. It is our duty to keep a balance in inner peace and harmony. Life is not merely about being alive; it is more about being healthy and able to enjoy all good that is has to offer. For healthy society it is important to have people who are healthy and ready to contribute their might and intellect towards betterment of society.