Hair Tips For Healthy Hair

Hairs are one of the important components for women beauty. Basically hairs are made up of dead protein cells but their roots are alive they need care in order to grow. A typical hairs cell stays with you for four or five years. Good hairs are considered as a crown of our beauty.



» Why hairs are important to women:
Hairs are important to women in order to look good, feel confidence in them; good hairs can increase the self-esteem of females, shiny, long, straight, thick hairs gives glory to women. Hairs represent our personality, belief, and thoughts. A beautiful, lush thick hair adds beauty to your personality. Health hairs requires vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen hair health need to be nurtured.
» How To Keep Hair Healthy, Strong And Beautiful:
Wash oily hairs frequently:
Women’s with oily hairs needs to wash their hairs frequently, it based on how much your scalp produces oil. As you get older your scalp produces less oil so you may not need to shampoo often.
» Concentrate shampoo on the scalp:
When you are washing your hairs focus on cleaning the scalp rather than washing the entire length of hair.
» Use conditioner after every shampoo:
Conditioner is very important for your hairs it adds shine in hairs, repair the damage hairs and give strength to hair growth. It gives you protection from harmful UV rays. Use conditioner on the tips of your hairs it makes them good.
» Choose shampoo according to the type of hairs:
Use shampoo according to the type of hairs like if your hairs are colored than use the shampoo that is made for colored hairs this will protect hairs from damage, if your hairs are dry use shampoo which contain oil.
» Tips for good, healthy, and shiny hairs:
Avocado is useful for your hairs growth:
Avocado is useful for your hairs growth because it is rich in vitamins and minerals .Mash avocado in one egg and apply on your hairs for 20 minutes it will makes your hairs healthy.
» Shampoo omelet:
This shampoo is very essential for your hairs, it gives good effects to the hairs this shampoo is very easy to make at home mix one egg with small amount of shampoo and apply on hairs for five minutes. It will help to enhance the level of protein in hairs.
Use of mayonnaise in hairs:
Rub mayonnaise in hairs, leave for one hour and then wash, you will be amazed with its effects that your hairs will be smooth, silky and shiny.
» Do proper oiling:
Apply oil in your hairs it will give them new life. Apply oil before washing your hairs. Olive oil is good for hairs it adds softness in your hairs.


Dandruff Remedies

» Home remedies for dandruff:
Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis is a common scalp disorder.
Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is best treatment for dandruff.
Baking soda:
Baking soda is very useful to remove dead skin cell. Wet your hairs and apply baking soda and wash it out it will reduce dandruff.
» Olive oil:
Heat olive oil until it becomes warm, and massage into the scalp leave it for some time and then wash your hairs. It will give you freedom from dandruff.
Beauty can be enhance through good care. A good hair makes the personality attractive and grooming.