Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall Dubai

Introduction of Ibn Battuta Mall:

The ibn battuta mall which is situated in the gardens is a great creation about all places the great explorer ibn battuta has visited and all the adventures he has faced. Ibn battuta was 14nth Moroccan explorer and was fearless of what journey came ahead of him. The ibn battuta mall is divided in six courts Egypt, Andalusia, Tunisia, China, India and the Persia court. The mall has a great selection of shops, restaurants and food outlets and also has a tenpin bowling alley.

The Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

The Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

Shopping stores of Ibn Battuta Mall:

The mall has 250 shops and it feels like that the shops never end. The mall has shops of different categories which offer different products. Some offer products like perfumes and different scents and some with things to eat like bigger versions of tuck shops. There are sports shops, clothing shops, art shops, gift shops, jewellery shops, book shops and even furniture and home ware shops. The record of most visited shops of 2012 and 2014 are home ware shops as thousands of new houses were built in the UAE from the time-span of 2012 to 2014. It seems like that there is an in built shopping complex in the mall. It is a great place to come with friends and family.

Restaurants and cuisines in Ibn Battuta Mall:

 A reasonable selection of restaurants and cuisines is offered to you by the Ibn Battuta mall as they offer more than 200 restaurants and many cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Persian, English, foods of UAE itself, Mexican, Japanese, American, Italian and etc. Different restaurants offer different cuisines and there are some who give 3 to 4 types of cuisines. They don’t give different cuisines in all restaurants because there are many restaurants so if they all had different cuisines then the people would go to only some of the restaurants, this is the reason why there is always activity going on over there because people have to go to different places to get different kinds of food.

Entertainment in Ibn Battuta Mall:

The is a big attraction for the people who have a thirst of entertainment as it has a IMAX theatre and 21 cinema screens. The historic museum keeping the sculptures of all the new discoveries that ibn battuta made and all the new creatures he saw. The mall also contains the identical smaller copies of the pyramids of Egypt and also some temples from India. It also has the funniest place for kids (The Children Entertainment Centre).

Other facilities of Ibn Battuta Mall:

The mall is great place to pass your time and it has parking area for over 2000 vehicles including busses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and even jets. The mall is big enough for all the people so it doesn’t get too crowdie so you don’t face much problems but there is a problem of long lines in shops but this is also a good thing because there is a lot of discipline and the security is too good so you don’t have to ever worry about being safe. In fact this could be one of the safest places. This is one of the most ideal places for tourists.