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IELTS stands for international English Language Testing System. It is the most trustworthy system of testing candidate’s proficiency in English language worldwide. IELTS tests the candidates listening, reading, writing and speaking ability of English language. IELTS is owned and managed jointly by University of Cambridge E SOL examinations, British council and ID P: IELTS Australia. IELTS is for the candidates seeking international education,Professional training or work on an English speaking environment. IELTS has four modules listening,reading,writing and speaking.
The time duration for the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The first three modules of the test (listening, reading and writing) are taken in first sitting. Speaking test may be held on the same day or seven days before or after the test.
Versions of IELTS:
Academic Test
General Test
IELTS Academic Test:
Academic test is for the candidates who want to take admission in university or any other institute for any higher education in abroad (English speaking countries).
IELTS General Training Test:
General training test is for those candidates who want to go for training, experience, or work in abroad (English Speaking Country).
Registration Procedure for IELTS:
1. You can get the application form for IELTS from the IELTS center or it can also be downloaded from the official website of British Council. Read the Application Form and complete it carefully. Attach two recent passport size photographs with signature on the back of each with Application Form. Have a copy of your passport (must be valid).Many centers may refuse to accept your national identity card.
2. Submit the Application Form along with the registration fee in the nearby IELTS If you want to send it by mail, ask the center for payment method.
3. Once you get registered, your test date and venue will be confirmed by test center. On test day you must bring your passport or national identity card which you used on your Application Form.
IELTS Result:
Test Report Forms are posted to candidates 13 days after the test day. Some Centers also send SMS alerts and email to candidates.