Importance of English

English, world’s toppest and best rated language. In ancient times this languages was unknown to the people but then this language became so common among the people that no one can imagine that it became world’s most spoken language. A best thing to hear. Europeans are still very happy when they see that their language is progressing so well. Important things to note are in 39 countries this language is an official language. Its importance is really very high. Well if we talk about its importance, without it you cannot communicate to anyone. Like if you go abroad without this language you cannot contact to the people. This is the only from which everyone is familiar. Even you and me whose mother language is Urdu. It is a great thing! Without this language, none of the documents are completed. Without the statement of English words, no one accept. I mean even us our Pakistan started to write in English. No one is there who writes it in Urdu. German people best think is that they always follow their own language. But the great thing is that our law is written in Urdu. Well, importance is estimated by only one thing, that offices who introduces new deals, they always introduce it in words of English they never do it English. Even the brands whose names are in Urdu, they started to write it in English. Like the words that sounds Urduic, like if a brand name is ‘OYE HOEY’ so its sound is Urduic, so people never write this words in the original language, they write it in English. So this importance is only because people started thinking that if we don’t write in English, no one will give attention.

Importance level is high but learning level is extremely. We can say that English is a brush and people are the paints. Without brush you cannot paint well. So this is the thing, that’s why this language is important. English’s another advantage is that when you go abroad, you cannot connect with the people through your mother tongue. Like if you go to Spain, France, Italy, Australia etc you need to learn English because they cannot understand other language. Like you need something or you need or you want to ask something so in this case you need English. English is spoken all over the world and that’s why it is so important in the world. But we Pakistanis, take this language more important than Urdu, like okay you can take this language important in rest of the countries but for Pakistan Urdu must be the key language. Only government is following Urdu or else private offices and every private sectors forgot the use of Urdu. They never take it as a serious language. It is a downfall for us that the thing which is being kept for us and because of which we can contact Pakistanis, that language is not important for the people and whatever government doing, either they are spoiling or destroying, but they always follow Urdu and on their everything Urdu is also written which is a great sign for our country. So this is the importance that more than 10 countries speaks this language which almost a record because none of the language has this type of charm.