Learning English an Important Issue

English English and English! The only language in the world that make a person’s personality cool. In this modern era, if we speak English in front of anyone, they will come up with the result, that yes he is educated because he knows English, but if someone talks in Urdu on a place where English is spoken, then everyone will start saying that he is not educated because he don’t know English. So this concept is really very hurting and that’s why I always follow Allama Iqbal because he was the one from I am always inspired. I don’t know why but everyone runs after English, they never on their personal languages, their official languages. If any of the person says something in urdu, the people thinks that he is not educated and well mannered. But if we speak in English they thinks that he is something valuable for the world. I mean why? This is not an important thing, important thing is that how you treat your personal language. Believe you me, in 90s best time I never ever heard from anyone like this. That’s why 90s time is my favorite time. Everyone thinks that person is uneducated if he’s not good at English. If a person says a wrong Urdu word everyone reacts normal, but if we do same mistake whilst speaking English then everyone reacts like as if we did a sin. So this is the difference which is really very bad in us. We never do every work in the our rules. We always adopt foreign rules. German, and French people are best because they use their own language. They never follow English. So we have to change our minds and think like a national man, not like an international man. Recently, there were many cricketers of our side who spoke English but they were unable to speak because they don’t know how to speak English. So what we think about them? Are they uneducated? No people. They aren’t un educated, they just don’t know how to speak in English.

English is spoken in the world and around 10 billion people speak English. In Pakistan, 60% of office’s official language is English and everyone speaks English and every school is based on speaking English. Well, a hard thing to believe that Urdu is not that much famous. Okay it is not famous, all fine! Because obviously, Urdu is not important for other countries, but for Pakistan? A place that was founded by Jinnah and he always spoke English though he selected Urdu as official language, still people of Pakistan never give this language, an importance. Everyone is running and chasing English words, no one ever tried to learn Urdu. Even I am writing this article in English, and I know that if made mistakes above then people will start saying, ‘Who the hell he is and look at the way he is writing’. No one ever tried to say Urdu is important. My boss never said that, write an article in Urdu. Well these are something really meaningful and I know some have to show themselves in English way. Well, so these are the important issues in Pakistan that people who don’t know English cannot survive in many places so it is important to learn this language.