Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the biggest economies of the world. Job in Qatar is dream of every individual.  People find it attractive to find work in Qatar and to reside there for the purpose of job because of many reasons. The foreign investors find Qatar to be the best place where they can invest their money. There are now many international companies in Qatar that have opened their branch offices and are operating there successfully. Because of the keen interest of the international investors, there are many job opportunities for the people who want to work in gulf countries. Since gulf countries are rich in natural oil and gas resources and their thriving economy is completely based on their natural resources, most of the people find job in the oil and gas industries whenever they get the employment opportunities in gulf countries. However, this is not the case in Qatar. There are also some other industries in Qatar which are flourishing very rapidly and the job opportunities are also diverse.  Not only job opportunity but the real beauty of the country such as beautiful beaches, subtropical climate and desert landscape are the places of great attraction for the foreigners. These attractions have brought a great revolution in the Qatar’s industry of tourism.

Petrol and Chemical Industry of Qatar:
There are many job opportunities in Qatar in the sector of the industries of petrol and chemicals and also petrol chemical industry. The industries such as Dukhan have played a very important and main role in the development of petrol and chemical industries of Qatar and they have also opened many doors for the employment for the people who seek job in Qatar.

Ras Laffan is again a biggest oil deposit in Qatar. The current economy of the country is completely based on the Dukhan industry which has revolutionized the industries of Qatar. The industry has a widely spread channel across the country which has many job positions for the talented people across the world.

There are also many incentives which are provided to those people who come from to other countries to work in Qatar. Some of the basic benefits which a person gets from the job are:

Health Benefits:
The health welfare of Qatar is highly concerned about the health of the people working in Qatar. A program for providing the health benefits to the people has been started in gulf countries, which is known as Gulf States fund welfare programs. The nationals of Qatar who are working in any sector are provided with many free health benefits such as personal care, child health and some other welfare benefits. Those people who are nationals of Qatar and have come from other countries to work in Qatar are not eligible to avail the free welfare services of Qatar but they are given the access to the services. The foreigners can get the health insurance and may have to face the health care cost.

Pension Plan:
Some of the companies in Qatar have also pension plans for the employees who work for more than 40 years with them and who have a good record of work in company.

Sponsorship in Qatar:
Some of the people working in Qatar may also get the family visa to bring their families with them to Qatar. However, not all the expats are given this facility. According to the rule of Qatar, only those individuals whose salary is more than 10,000 QR can apply for the family visa and if their visa is rejected by the government of Qatar, then they may request their company to appeal. It has also been seen that many women who are working alone as an expat in the Qatar have also not been given the permission to sponsor their families in Qatar.

Couples can live in Qatar together while doing job only if they are married. No one is allowed to sponsor his/her kids in Qatar if her or she is not married to their partner. A special entry visa is provided to those highly paid expats in Qatar and after their families have been sponsored, they have to apply for the residence visa in order to get the permission to stay in Qatar for a specific time period. The residence visa is granted by the government after the series of procedures. Such procedures include the screen medical tests for various diseases. All the guidelines throughout the process are given by the sponsoring company. The companies who give sponsorship visas to their employees for bringing their families, only grant to those expats who have been working for more than 6 months in Qatar.